Buy Guided Liberty PSYC 317 Exam 2 Answers

Buy Guided Liberty PSYC 317 Exam 2 Answers

  1. Rapport can be accomplished by using:
  2. Which one of the following indicators should not be considered high risk in terms of suicide potential?
  3. At the end of a crisis intervention interview, the counselor should:
  4. Farrow’s work with suicide began with:
  5. Paraphrasing is:
  6. Clients who have been assessed to be low-risk suicidal clients:
  7. A psychotic decompensation can best be described as:
  8. Which of the following is not an example of effective coping behavior according to Caplan?
  9. The suicidal client will feel ____________ to openly discuss his/her feelings.
  10. Crisis workers try to identify the client’s precipitating event, perceptions, and:
  11. Defining a situation in a different way than the client is defining it is called:
  12. Which is considered the most effective way to invite a client to talk?
  13. Which of the following are alternative strategies for coping?
  14. A high-risk suicide client often requires:
  15. Proper intervention with a low-risk suicidal client would be:
  16. The more signs, symptoms, and clues that a client presents, the higher the risks of actually:
  17. Which basic attending skill is probably the most powerful tool in creating an empathic environment?
  18. In the ABC model of intervention, the B represents:
  19. To get an accurate understanding of the impact of an individual crisis, the counselor must:
  20. is a common psychiatric term for thoughts about homicide which range from vague ideas of revenge to detailed and fully formulated plans without the act itself.
  21. In crisis intervention, the possibility of dealing with suicidal or homicidal clients is
  22. What is the purpose of basic attending skills?
  23. In the ABC model of intervention, the A represents:
  24. A powerful way to create an empathic environment is through the use of:
  25. is a condition resulting from a neurological disturbance, genetic abnormality, or tumor.
  26. is the hallmark of a helping interview.
  27. The most common methods of self-mutilative behaviors include all of the following EXCEPT:
  28. Suicide is usually preceded by:
  29. Typical warning signs of suicide include all of the following EXCEPT:
  30. A(n) ___________________ is an approach to assessing potential psychosis.
  31. Caplan believed that all but one of the following are characteristics of effective coping behavior:
  32. The most common suicidal clients that crisis workers will likely see are:
  33. Which is an example of a 12-step group?
  34. Auditory hallucinations are often associated with:
  35. A client who has been assessed to be high risk for suicidality will have:
  36. Reflection of ________________ is helpful for clients while they process their crisis situation.
  37. The use of _____________________ will save time and reduce defensiveness in clients.
  38. Which of the following is an example of a 12-step group?
  39. A client who says “I’m going to kill myself and you can’t stop me” is probably:
  40. Nonsuicidal self-injury is typically an impulsive disorder prevalent in:
  41. Deliberately damaging one’s own body tissue without suicidal intent has been referred to as:
  42. The use of films in therapy has been termed:
  43. When a counselor tells a client that his or her feelings are normal and suggests that others would feel the same way under the same conditions, he is giving a/an:
  44. When assessing a client it is
  45. Clients who are a danger to others may:
  46. Although special inventories and questionnaires are helpful in determining/assessing suicide risks, many clinicians often rely on:
  47. Which of the following is NOT a category of concern to workers when assessing a suicidal client?
  48. Which of the following could impact an individual’s thoughts of suicide?
  49. A good strategy for a middle-risk client regarding suicide is:
  50. Crisis counselors should _________________________ before presenting new coping strategies.

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