Buy Guided Liberty University BIBL 425 Quiz 2 

Buy Guided Liberty University BIBL 425 Quiz 2

Quiz: Justification and Death to Sin

  1. The discontinuity in God’s plan of salvation (salvation history) is shown in God’s having revealed his righteousness in Christ apart from the law of Moses (3:21a).
  2. What OT passage is clearly the basis for Paul’s point in 5:12: Adam’s disobedience introduced sin into the world and sin resulted in death?
  3. The two aspects of the peace God gives us in Christ include the “peace of God” and “peace with God.”
  4. What is perhaps the best sense of the preposition dia in the second line of 4:25 (165-166)?
  5. Paul teaches that Abraham was justified by his works (Rom 4).
  6. According to 3:25b-26, why did God accomplish redemption in this manner?
  7. Paul adds two key points in 3:24, emphasizing that we are justified freely by means of God’s grace, on the basis of his redemptive work accomplished in Christ.
  8. According to 3:21-22a, the heart of the gospel is that God’s righteousness is available to all who believe in Jesus Christ.
  9. Jesus was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our
  10. What central subtheme resurfaces in 3:29-30?
  11. In continuation of the diatribe style, Paul engages in dialogue once again with an imaginary conversation partner (3:27-31). Who is this?
  12. To whom does the description “the uncircumcised” refer (3:30)?
  13. According to 4:15, what does the Mosaic law bring?
  14. According to Romans 5:1-5, the results of justification by faith include (1) peace with God (5:1); (2) access to grace (5:2); (3) hope of glory (5:2); and (4) (5:5).
  15. What theme binds the section from 4:13-22?
  16. Paul alludes to two notable Old Testament examples of being justified by faith in 4:1-8. Who are they?
  17. Paul drives home the point in 5:12 that Adam’s fall introduced sin into the world and death came as a result.
  18. According to 6:5, believers are united with Christ in his death and in his resurrection.
  19. What event signaled a decisive shift in salvation history?
  20. Why must God’s righteousness be available for “all who believe” (3:22b-23)?
  21. Paul gives two fundamental reasons for the assurance that Christ will rescue believers from God’s wrath (5:5-11). These are (2) God’s for us in Christ (5-8); and (2) God’s for us in Christ (9-10).
  22. According to Moo, the “old self” in Rom. 6:6 is a relational and corporate concept rather than ontological.
  23. What Old Testament verse is foundational for Paul’s characteristic emphasis on justification by faith (see 4:3, 8, also Gal 3:6)?
  24. The genitive construction: pisteos Iesou Christou in Rom. 3:22a has sparked debate. Discuss what is debatable about this phrase. Offer a solution. (100–150 words)

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