Buy Guided Liberty University BUSI 330 Quiz 8 

Buy Guided Liberty University BUSI 330 Quiz 8

  1. When Tracy went to work as a new sales rep for Paradise Candles, she was told to use the following speech in her sales presentations: “Hello, Mr./Ms. (customer name). My name is (your name here). I’m calling on behalf of Paradise Candles. We carry the best wax-burning mechanical candles available in the commercial decorating industry” Paradise Candles
  2. A salesperson who processes routine orders or reorders for products that were already sold by the company is referred to as
  3. An effective sales plan objective should be
  4. All of the following are output-related measures used in quantitative assessments of sales performance except which?
  5. One type of sales objective is, which is typically specific for each salesperson and includes his or her product knowledge, customer service, and selling and communication
  6. Which of the following statements describes the major difference between a prospect and a qualified prospect?
  7. At this stage in the personal selling process, a salesperson begins converting a prospect into a customer by creating a desire for the product or service he or she is
  8. Recently, Gartner Research and 1To1 Media recognized Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its xRM framework for delivering increased productivity and cost savings for customers worldwide. Microsoft experts work individually with customers to flesh out what issues they have and adapt their enterprise software to meet the unique needs of that The Microsoft expert is most likely engaged in
  9. Sales management refers to
  10. Two selling styles associated with the need-satisfaction presentation format are
  11. In personal selling, is an individual who wants a product, can afford to buy it, and is the decision maker.
  12. Toshiba America Medical Systems salespeople use capabilities to provide interactive presentations for their computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  13. Another name for cold calling is
  14. Davidson-Uphoff & Co. sells ironware accessories for homes and gardens The salespeople for this company are trained to ask probing questions such as, “What are the decorating trends in this region?” and “What are you doing to take advantage of this trend?” Once key ideas have been uncovered, the salesperson is taught to tailor his or her sales presentation so that the retailer can see why he or she should carry Davidson-Uphoff products. Davidson-Uphoff’s salespeople are learning the selling format.
  15. An order taker is a
  16. A selling format that assumes that given the appropriate prompts by a salesperson, the prospect will buy is referred to as a
  17. Which form of personal selling has the lowest requirement for problem-solving?
  18. Asking the prospect to make a decision on some aspect of the purchase is referred to as
  19. With a , a salesperson is paid a specified salary plus a commission on sales or profits
  20. Consider Figure 18-4 above, which is an account management policy grid that groups customers according to the level of opportunity and the firm’s competitive sales C represents which account management policy?
  21. Key account management refers to
  22. Identifying the buying role of the prospect would be typically done at the
    1. stage of the personal selling process.
  23. DuPont assigned chemists, sales and marketing executives, and regulatory specialists to create and sell an herbicide for corn growers that recorded sales of $57 million in its first This type of sales approach is referred to as
  24. Sales support personnel who do not directly solicit orders but rather concentrate on performing promotional activities and introducing new products are referred to as
  25. Emotional intelligence is
  26. The objective at the stage of the personal selling process is to convert a prospect into a customer by creating a desire for the product or
  27. When using an account management policy grid, an account would receive a high level of sales calls if the account opportunity level assessment is
  28. consists of processes and technologies that supply customers with information about post-sale activities, including installation, repair, replacement, and replenishment, and technical expertise pertaining to
  29. The primary responsibility of order-takers is to
  30. Which of the following statements regarding the approach stage with respect to international selling is most accurate?

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