Buy Guided Liberty University CEFS 515 Quiz 3 

Buy Guided Liberty University CEFS 515 Quiz 3


  1. All of the following are not quasi experimental research designs, except for:
  2. Examples of quasi-experimental designs include ___________________.
  3. There is a chance that a researcher can create two equal groups.
  4. In the Knight and Tetrault study guide, the authors discuss Creswell’s recommendations about which items should be included in the methods section of a research proposal. These include:
  5. According to Jackson, one of the benefits of using more than one group, is that the use of multiple groups allows for the addition of a placebo group.
  6. Research designs that are group comparisons may include:
  7. The nonequivalent control group design involves a group comparison where the control group is equivalent to the research group.
  8. An experimental design which has random selection, random assignment, or a mixture of both and the dependent variable is measured before and after the independent variable was manipulated, and then the pre-rest and post test scores are compared,  is called a ______________________.
  9. Internal validity relates to ________________.
  10. In the true-experimental design, the independent variable is not actively being changed.
  11. A design in which participants are measured on a trait they already possess and assigned to categories based on that trait, rather than manipulating the independent variable is the ______________.
  12. Confounding variables are:
  13. The post facto design can speak to the cause and effect of a relationship.
  14. An ANOVA is:
  15. The participants in post facto design are measured on a trait that the participant already possesses.
  16. When creating groups, a researcher can feel more confident about how equivalent they are based on ___________________.
  17. Factorial designs refer to:
  18. Since quasi-experimental research is on the continuum of robustness between true experimental design and correlational research:
  19. All of the following are necessary characteristics of the true experimental design except ________________.
  20. A design in which participants are not randomly assigned but there is an independent variable being manipulated and a dependent variable being measured is a _______________________.
  21. It has been said that the methods section of a research proposal is the most concrete of all the sections.
  22. According to the Jackson text, what are the differences between the quasi experimental methods and the correlational methods?
  23. A test that is designed to determine how well an observed frequency distribution of two nominal variables fits an expected pattern of frequencies is called the _____________.
  24. A quasi-experimental research design may be used when:
  25. A research design often used in the behavioral sciences, especially counseling is known as the:

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