Buy Guided Liberty University CEFS 521 Quiz 8 

Buy Guided Liberty University CEFS 521 Quiz 8

  • Neuropsychological assessments assess for impairments caused by:
  • When assessing children between the ages 3-of and 6 for learning disabilities which of the following assessments should be used?
  • When assessing individuals with hearing disabilities examiners should do all the following EXCEPT:
  • What fraction of US residents self-self-identified as “minority” to the US Census Bureau in 2014?
  • Differential Item Functioning (DIF) is a method used to:
  • If examiners study behavior from within a culture, using criteria relative to the internal characteristics of that culture they are using a(n) ________________ perspective:
  • Accessibility and universal design are two primary components of ____?
  • The Hill Performance Test of Selected Positional Concepts measures the visual visual-spatial of children ages:
  • The Vineland-II is used with individuals with intellectual disabilities to measure
  • Test is written in English for individuals whose primary language is not English:
  • Although the American Psychological Association no longer uses a system for test user qualification, some publishers still do. According to the classifications, a test user who has earned a bachelor’s degree in education may be classified as:
  • A student with a specific learning disability is defined as one who may be experiencing difficulties in the:
  • Statutes are laws created by:
  • The landmark case of Griggs vs. Duke Power Company in 1971 represents a violation of employees’ rights as indicated by Title VII of the:
  • Ethics are based on:
  • A test that discriminates against a particular group based on gender, race, ethnicity, or even disability is considered as a (an):
  • Which one of these organizations was NOT involved with the preparation of the Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education:
  • The American Counseling Associations Code of Ethics (2005) serves to:
  • The Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement indicates that test users should communicate any:
  • Which statement is NOT included in the American Counseling Associations’ ethical emphasis on assessment:

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