Buy Guided Liberty University CJUS 362 Exam 1 

Buy Guided Liberty University CJUS 362 Exam 1


  1. Forensic science is the application of science to
  2. In the case of Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceutical, Inc., the U.S. Supreme Court advocated that a “gatekeeper” determine the admissibility and reliability of scientific evidence. This gatekeeper is the
  3. The final evaluator of forensic evidence is the
  4. A chemical method used for developing prints on nonporous surfaces is:
  5. Which is NOT considered a porous surface?
  6. Charred debris from an arson scene should be
  7. The examination of a paint chip found on a hit-and-run victim’s garment side-by-side with paint removed from a vehicle suspected of being involved in the incident is an example of
  8. The manner of collecting and preserving physical evidence at a crime scene is determined by
  9. Physical evidence can be used to exonerate or exclude a person from suspicion if
  10. A properly maintained chain of custody is NOT the responsibility of the
  11. A victim’s fingernail scrapings would be correctly packaged in
  12. Superglue fuming is NOT suitable for use on:
  13. The crime scene notes must accurately record:
  14. Fingerprints are formed:
  15. The AFIS ________ determines the degree of ________ between the location and relationship of the minutiae between the questioned fingerprint and those in the database.
  16. Forensic odontology refers to the study of
  17. Prints impressed in a bar of soap are referred to as:
  18. Warrantless searches are permitted under law in all of the following situations EXCEPT:
  19. Physical evidence at a hit-and-run scene could include
  20. The exchange of evidence principle was?
  21. The concept of “general acceptance” of scientific evidence relates to the
  22. The evidence collector must take extraordinary care to avoid potential contamination by transferring DNA onto objects of evidential value by
  23. Digital crime scene photographs require special measures to assure their admissibility in court due to
  24. The removal of any evidence from a person or from the scene of a crime must be done in conformity with the privileges of which amendment to the Constitution?
  25. After successfully visualizing a latent print on an object an investigator should next:

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