Buy Guided Liberty University COUC 601 Exam 2 

Buy Guided Liberty University COUC 601 Exam 2

  1. Do object relations theorists believe the infant’s need for what influences the development of the self?
  2. In Satir’s classification of communication stances, blamers are considered to be struggling with feelings of
  3. Managed care programs have led to:
  4. Bowen studied families with schizophrenic members, especially their
  5. Bowen refers to the development of severe dysfunction conceptualized as chronic anxiety
  6. Satir called her approach
  7. The therapist’s role in Gestalt Family therapy is to help clients
  8. Emotionally-focused therapists first try to
  9. One of the unique aspects of Boszormenyi-Nagy’s contextual therapy is his concern with
  10. Family Sculpting is a
  11. Object Relations Family Therapy emphasizes the basic human need for:
  12. The attempt to guide clients into unlocking dysfunctional patterns stemming from their family of origin is called
  13. Wynne’s concept of a rubber fence refers to
  14. Bowen’s concept of societal regression extends his view to
  15. Bowen stresses the role of theory for
  16. A holding environment is a key element in:
  17. Object Relations Family Therapy:
  18. When Beels and Ferber classified the leading family therapists in 1969, they distinguished two types, conductors and
  19. Satir suggests that people handle their communications with one another by playing one of five roles. Which of the following is not one of those roles?
  20. The “undifferentiated family ego mass” refers to
  21. Feminists have faulted existing practices as:
  22. Pseudomutuality refers to:
  23. One criticism of the double-bind concept is its:
  24. The greater the level of undifferentiation of the parents, the more likely they will rely on the _________________to stabilize the system.
  25. A spouse who projects undesired aspects of oneself onto a partner and then fights these characteristics in that mate is engaging in
  26. The study of paradoxes of communication in animals as well as humans is associated with the name:
  27. Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy is
  28. In a marital schism situation, each partner:
  29. In Bowen’s Differentiation of Self Scale, people at the low end are apt to lead lives
  30. Family therapy gained its initial legitimacy during the 1950s by:
  31. In Whitaker’s therapeutic approach, it is essential that the therapist win the battle for
  32. Genograms help shed light on
  33. In Satir’s view, symptoms
  34. The group therapy technique whereby a stage is utilized and the patient acts out significant life events in front of an audience is called:
  35. Ackerman used the term _________________ to describe several disabilities within a family which depends on each other for expression or control.
  36. The primary survival triad, according to Satir, refers to
  37. The developers of Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy are
  38. Sullivan emphasized all but one of the following as emerging from early mother-child relationships. Which one does not belong?
  39. All except one of the following can be considered to adhere to an experiential model. Which one does not belong?
  40. The Family Life Chronology is essentially
  41. Experiential therapists are especially critical of rational thought in the way of
  42. A high degree of family fusion may result in: (best answer please)
  43. The fundamental curative factors in psychotherapy, according to Whitaker, are
  44. Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy
  45. According to Whitaker, the battle for the initiative must
  46. By “tickling the defenses” Ackerman:
  47. According to Bowen, the basic building block in a family’s emotional system is the
  48. Bowen referred to a family’s way of reducing stress and maintaining stability as its
  49. According to Ackerman, when change and growth within a family system become restricted reflects
  50. One highlight of Framo’s approach is the ability to lead a couple through several treatment stages. From the list below, which is one of these stages?

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