Buy Guided Liberty University CRIS 303 Quiz 8 

Buy Guided Liberty University CRIS 303 Quiz 8

  1. Which of the following is defined as a personal experience, a perceptual
  2. phenomenon that arises from a comparison between the demand on a person and his or her ability to cope?
  3. As long as counselors engage empathetically with trauma survivors and feel a strong sense of helping others, vulnerability to developing secondary trauma increases.
  4. Which of the following is distinct from vicarious trauma in that it is a normal emotional reaction to a client and a reflection of the counselor’s personal life experiences?
  5. This stage represents a crisis in professional growth and development. Those who successfully encounter the tempest will grow, and those who do not will be forced to go.
  6. The text describes three stages of burnout, which include:
  7. The conservation stage of burnout can involve which of the following?
  8. There are inevitable costs of caring. Despite these costs, most practitioners describe their work as rewarding.
  9. is described as a general malaise, psychological stress, and a “chronic tedium in the workplace.”
  10. Which of the following is not a stage of Harper’s model of the adaptation process that healthcare professionals progress through as they mature and become more comfortable in working with terminally ill patients?
  11. The trauma response can only be produced by direct exposure to a traumatic event.
  12. Acceptance and denial as an orientation toward death are neither intrinsically good nor bad.
  13. Which of the following is a common physical sign of trauma?
  14. The fatigue stage of burnout can involve which of the following?
  15. According to the text, which of the following is defined as the change that occurs within the therapist as a result of empathetic engagement with a client’s trauma experiences?
  16. Which is not a psychological/emotional response to trauma?
  17. Frustration, guilt, and anxiety are common experiences in which stage of Harper’s model of the adaptation process?
  18. Worden has three recommendations for those who work with the terminally ill, their families, and/or other bereaved. Which of the following is one of those recommendations?
  19. What are the three functions of supervision, according to the text?
  20. Secondary trauma workshops generally protect counselors against the vicarious effects of working in the trauma field.
  21. Worden (1991) noted that working with the bereaved touches us personally in at least three ways. Which of the following is not included in that list?
  22. Please write 4-6 sentences on areas you can identify as needing improvement in your own self-care routine as you continue to/prepare to help others.

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