Buy Guided Liberty University CRIS 609 Exam 1 

Buy Guided Liberty University CRIS 609 Exam 1

  1. According to the DSM-IV, psychotic disorders include delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking and speech, and grossly disorganized or catatonic.
  2. The disaster stage defined by responders beginning to experience burnout and fewer media attention is the:
  3. If a disaster survivor feels abandoned because outside help and attention seem to be shrinking, he or she may be in the following disaster stage:
  4. In the _________ stage of the disaster trajectory, victims begin to rebuild physically and psychologically.
  5. What is the first element of assessment?
  6. All of the following are effective ways of intervention, except:
  7. Complex trauma generally refers to multiple traumatic stressors that involve:
  8. If a disaster survivor denies the impact of the damage or the storm, he or she may be in the following disaster stage:
  9. In the context of a crisis, surge capacity refers to:
  10. Disasters create a unique impact on people because of:
  11. A form of psychological/behavioral immunity to distress and function refers to resiliency.
  12. Crisis intervention is treatment and diagnosis.
  13. A “cross-over trauma” involves:
  14. A church can best help survivors during the Heroic Phase by
  15. Common beliefs of victims do not include:
  16. In the disaster trajectory, “pre-impact” refers to preparations made in case of a potential disaster.
  17. Events that have the potential to create significant human distress and overwhelm one’s usual coping mechanisms are termed:
  18. A relatively small event, repeated when an individual is young and vulnerable, can be more toxic than a more intense even later in life.
  19. Psychological first aid” was first developed for merchant marines in WWII.
  20. Which of the following is a tool of Critical Incident Stress Management?

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