Buy Guided Liberty University CSCI 631 Midterm 

Buy Guided Liberty University CSCI 631 Midterm

  1. A good hash function is resistant to what?
  2. How does a user validate a digital certificate that is received from another user?
  3. Which one or more of the following are considered secure protocols for data in transit?
  4. Using knowledge associated with an attacker’s process to find a weakness in the attack mechanism and then to catch and block the attacker is called what?
  5. What makes a digitally signed message different from an encrypted message?
  6. Which one of the following practices is not vulnerable to a broken access control according to OWASP?
  7. What is Diffie-Hellman most commonly used for?
  8. The concept of blocking an action unless it is specifically authorized is known as what?
  9. High-security browsers can use what to validate SSL credentials for a user?
  10. When a message is sent, no matter what its format, why do we care about its integrity?
  11. SSL provides which of the following functionalities?
  12. The use of certificates in SSL/TLS is similar to:
  13. Which of the following is used to strengthen passwords from brute-force attacks??
  14. Which one of the following practices is not vulnerable to an injection attack according to OWASP?
  15. A cross-site request forgery (CSRF) is an attack that forces an end user to execute unwanted actions on a web application in which they are currently authenticated.
  16. The management of keys to access data that is encrypted is not an important concern in protecting sensitive data.
  17. Describe in a few sentences what the definition of information leakage is and the security exposure it represents.
  18. Describe in a few sentences, why would a medium-sized firm implement a PKI solution. What business benefits would ensue from such a course of action?
  19. Imagine you are a web developer for a small, locally owned business. Explain when using HTTP would be satisfactory, and why, and explain when you should use HTTPS, and why.
  20. According to the OWASP website and other sources, define in a few sentences what a reflected XSS attack is and one or more attack consequences of a successful attack.
  21. Briefly describe in a few sentences at least three defenses for preventing SQL injection vulnerabilities.
  22. Describe three or more lessons derived from Lab 2 in terms of preventing sensitive data exposure.

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