Buy Guided Liberty University EDUC 500 Quiz 7 

Buy Guided Liberty University EDUC 500 Quiz 7

  1. Research has indicated that the length of a school year is not as important as:
  2. Research indicates that the greatest time variable affecting student learning is the:
  3. Which one of the following principles is effective in setting a list of classroom rules?
  4. A student plays the role of the class clown. The teacher isolates the student from peers using time out. Which of the following statements about this practice is true?
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  6. According to behavioral learning theory, a person’s motivation to engage in a particular activity is a function of:
  7. Praise is effective as a student motivator to the extent that it is specific, credible, and:
  8. What is the term used to describe the degree to which the teacher is vigilant and continuously responsive to student behavior?
  9. Our book tells us about a third-grade teacher who continued to work with students instead of merely waiting in the hallway to use the library. This teacher helped students develop the perception that:
  10. A student says, “I did well because of some lucky guessing.” The type of attribution being demonstrated is:
  11. A teacher has developed a class rule that covers: listening when the teacher or other students are talking, working on seatwork, continuing to work during any interruptions, staying in one’s seat, and following directions. Which of the following would be the best wording for this rule?
  12. Reid has been trying to improve Mark’s participation in class. He has been rewarding Mark with praise, but Mark’s behavior has not improved. Mr. Reid needs to consider that:
  13. According to our text, what is one of the most important ingredients of effective instruction?
  14. The feeling that an individual will not be successful regardless of actual ability has been identified as:
  15. Recent research on classroom rewards, using older students and school-like tasks:
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  17. Our book discusses seven principles for the effective and humane use of punishment. According to our book along with giving punishment, you should reinforce the student for:
  18. Barr wants to increase students learning. The most effective strategy would be to:
  19. Aidan believes that his success on the final was out of pure luck because he did not put forth any effort into studying. Aidan’s locus of control is:
  20. Compared to those with performance goals, students with learning goals:
  21. Tamika is a sixth-grade student who mocks the teacher when her back is turned. Tamika is seeking:
  22. If misbehavior persists, parents should be:
  23. A student who usually behaves well is not paying attention during class. Which of the following management strategies would be most effective?
  24. Which of the following is a correct implication of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
  25. Maslow’s deficiency needs are those that are critical to physical and psychological well-being. When they are satisfied:
  26. Which strategy does calling on students at random exemplify?
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  28. Green is making a special effort to help Steve. When he plans lessons he checks the instructions for learning tasks to make sure they are clear and specific. Mr. Green also avoids time pressure, gives students a chance to correct errors in their work, and fosters an accepting, non-competitive classroom climate. His emphasis on these strategies for helping Steve suggests that Steve has been having difficulty with:
  29. According to our text, the main source of anxiety in school is:
  30. A student with an internal locus of control is likely to blame poor performance on:
  31. Keeping students interested in various activities is an example of which proceeds from the principles of least intervention.
  32. Which of the following statements of how to use extrinsic rewards is supported by our text?
  33. A student has done well on a test. Which of the following feedback statements from the teacher would be best, based on the discussion in your text?

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