Buy Guided Liberty University GLST 290 Quiz 6 

Buy Guided Liberty University GLST 290 Quiz 6

  1. Most North Americans rely on bilateral descent.
  2. A myth cannot be true.
  3. Which is true of most band and tribe societies?
  4. Kinship is used to determine territorial rights in many cultures, but this is no longer true in the contemporary world.
  5. The tradition of a woman taking her husband s last name at marriage is a vestige of what descent system?
  6. Cognatic descent systems count which of a person s ancestors?
  7. In most of human history, and even in many present cultures, marriage has been primarily considered
  8. When the bride s family provides resources to the groom and his family upon marriage, this form of marriage exchange is called
  9. Rites of passage are practiced only in tribal societies.
  10. Anthropologically speaking, magic and religion are basically the same things.
  11. Myths can be religious or secular.
  12. Some cultures don t have families.
  13. Animism does not exist in societies that have been exposed to science.
  14. The social rule that assigns an identity to a person on the basis of ancestry is
  15. No anthropological definition of religion is without controversy.

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