Buy Guided Liberty University GRST 501 Quiz 3 

Buy Guided Liberty University GRST 501 Quiz 3

  • According to Downing, placing more importance on helping others achieve their goals than you do on achieving your own makes you
  • According to Downing, most students far more often choose interdependence over independence.
  • Which of the following could be part of your support network while you are earning your LUO degree?
  • Which of the following provides the blueprint or frame around which you will build your paper?
  • According to the guidelines in this week’s presentation, which of the following would be the best thesis statement?
  • According to this week’s presentation, a good outline includes which of the following?
  • One of the keys to choosing a persuasive order for your outline’s main points is to determine who your target audience is, what they already know, and what it might take to persuade them about your thesis.
  • Which of the following is NOT a required component for an annotated bibliography?
  • If you are unable to write a good annotation about a source, you know your source should be replaced with a superior source.
  • This week’s resource folder contains much vital information about Liberty’s Jerry Falwell Library, including how to connect with a librarian, how to find scholarly sources, how to evaluate sources, and how to access archived recorded workshops on a wide variety of research and citation topics.

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