Buy Guided Liberty University HLSC 510 Discussion 3

Buy Guided Liberty University HLSC 510 Discussion 3

Topic: After Action Analysis and Best Practices Involving Interagency Operations

After having read the text and any additional research you choose, provide an example of either a significant event or incident of whatever nature you choose where the operation was handled in an excellent or poor manner. The event you choose needs to be significant enough in size to have been reviewed and documented in ample writing. A detailed example of a best practice(s) you can point to regarding either a model policy (elements or details) such as mutual aid agreements (MOA) or memorandums of understanding (MOU), etc. that were in place must be discussed. If there was no such document or agreement then state and provide what elements you think would have made for a good MOU or MOA that would have helped in the event you discussed. If you do not know if an MOA or MOU was in place and used, then assume it wasn’t and proceed as such. Consider these things: what protocols or procedures should have been in place or were in place? What training or exercises took place or should have taken place? Did it appear NIMS and ICS were used as needed?

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