Buy Guided Liberty University HLTH 642 Quiz 1

Buy Guided Liberty University HLTH 642 Quiz 1

  1. Prior to a major outbreak of cold O157:H7 from hamburgers, the meat inspector’s primary tools were:
  2. Which federal law mandated the regulation of color additives in foods:
  3. Which of the following disciplines is usually NOT part of a foodborne outbreak investigation team:
  4. Food security is best defined as:
  5. Which federal law essentially rendered the Delaney Clause obsolete?
  6. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a foodborne illness outbreak is:
  7. Consumer preferences affect food safety on a large scale by:
  8. Economic costs of foodborne illnesses in the S. range from:
  9. Disease surveillance contributes to food safety by:
  10. The major distinction between a foodborne disease and a foodborne illness is best characterized by which of the following:
  11. Foodborne diseases may include all the following:
  12. A major step forward in the safety of meat products was the implementation of:
  13. Milk was a major source of which disease(s) in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries?
  14. Which federal law permitted the establishment of safe “tolerances” for poisonous or toxic substances:
  15. What hazards were introduced by the early canning methods of foods?
  16.            technology was first used in destroying the spores responsible for the growth of botulinum in canned food products.
  17. What event(s) spurred the federal government to codify canning standards into federal regulations?
  18. Marine toxins can contaminate shellfish from which of the following:
  19. Food defense is best defined as:
  20. Timely investigation of foodborne outbreaks is important to:
  21. which measure is most important for the shellfish industry to manage the risks of infections with their products?
  22. What percentage of foodborne illness outbreaks have an undetermined or unknown etiology?
  23. Prior to refrigeration, how was most of the beef provided to major cities?
  24. Measuring the burden of foodborne illnesses and diseases is most important:
  25. Prior to the Federal Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, how were chemicals regulated in the S. food supply?

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