Buy Guided Liberty University PACO 501 Exam 4 

Buy Guided Liberty University PACO 501 Exam 4

PACO 501 Quiz 4

  1. As discussed by Erickson, which of the following is not a point of agreement concerning the “Lord’s Supper?”
  2. Fill in the blank: The Bible’s teaching leads us to conclude that many problems are physical in nature, many others are in nature, and each of these affects the other.
  3. Which of the following describes the process of sanctification?
  4. The local church can provide the counseling center with faithful teaching and work with the counseling center under the authority of the church. In what other way(s) can the local church assist?
  5. Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son provides a classic illustration of which of the following?
  6. Fill in the blanks: In relation to the role of counseling in the local church, the church elders are responsible for and.
  7. Lambert urges us to keep counseling centers in what relationship to the local church?
  8. Biblical Images of the Church as discussed by Erickson include: (Select the BEST answer)
  9. Which of the following views purports that, as the minister consecrates the elements of the Lord’s Supper, an actual metaphysical change takes place, in which the substance of the bread and wine are changed into Christ’s flesh and blood?
  10. Fill in the blank: The sovereign and invisible work of God the Holy Spirit transforming us from people who are opposed to Him to people who love Him is called.
  11. True or false: Election and salvation are synonymous terms.
  12. The local church as a body comes together to help in the counseling process in which of the following ways?
  13. Which of the following should characterize the relationship between the counseling center and the local church?
  14. How might a local church service to drastically decrease the strain on a counseling ministry and dramatically increase the likelihood that people will seek help even when they cannot afford it?
  15. Fill in the blank: According to Lambert, the foundation for counseling ministry is expressly
  16. The act whereby God makes a legal declaration that His elect is forgiven of sin and possesses His own righteousness is called which of the following?
  17. Which of the following is uncharacteristic of the concept of sanctification?
  18. Fill in the blank: The Biblical teaching that God chose from the very beginning of time those people who would ultimately come to faith in Jesus Christ called.
  19. Using Erickson’s text, match the following examples with their respective definitions or descriptions.
  20. True or false: When we, as Biblical counselors, understand the doctrine of salvation, we understand the primary problem that people have, and we are able to talk about God’s love and His power that releases people from their troubles.
  21. Which of the following statements is false, regarding Biblical counseling?
  22. Which of the following organizations can uniquely provide a consistent level of the Christian community, counseling instruction, and loving fellowship as powerful resources for Biblical counseling?
  23. Based on Erickson’s discussion of the church, which of the following does not fit with these descriptions of the church?
  24. True or false: As counselors, we study theology for the sole purpose of possessing theological knowledge.
  25. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of justification?

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