Buy Guided Liberty University PSYC 101 Quiz 7 

Buy Guided Liberty University PSYC 101 Quiz 7

  1. The word personality is derived from a Latin word that refers to
  2. Eysenck’s Biological Theory uses what three dimensions to describe human personality?
  3. Eysenck predicted that extroverts should have levels of cortical excitation than introverts.
  4. The provides scores on dimensions such as depression, hypochondriasis, hysteria, paranoia, schizophrenia, and social introversion.
  5.            the study involved subjects being ordered to administer a strong electric shock to another subject, who was a Confederate.
  6. The test is a test in which the subject is shown 30 black-and-white pictures showing people in various situations; the subjects are then asked to tell a story suggested to them by the pictures.
  7. is an explanation for altruistic behavior that asserts that organisms are helpful to others to because of the expectation that it will be reciprocated
  8. is characterized by fluctuating emotions, high anxiety, and a tendency toward negative moods, such as anger and depression.
  9. Psychology deals mostly with behavior
  10. refer to changing one’s behaviors due to an explicit (verbal or nonverbal) request from a non-authority figure.
  11. refers to changing one’s behavior due to a direct request from someone in authority.
  12. studied the culture between prisoners and guards to understand how abuse and torture can occur under these circumstances.
  13. love has all three components of Sternberg’s theory of loving.
  14. tests of personality are tests in which stimuli are ambiguous and the testee’s responses are interpreted as reflecting unconscious aspects of personality.
  15. states that large external rewards reduce the intrinsic value of behavior. in Freudian theory, is the personality structure that defines the moral or ethical aspects of personality.
  16. tests measure personality through straightforward questions or statements on which individuals report.
  17. A trait implies a/an about behavior.
  18. A personality is a related grouping of personality traits.
  19. , in Freudian theory, is all the instinctual urges that humans inherit,
  20. including the eros and Thanatos
  21. study, using a simple visual perception test to determine the effects of social pressure.
  22. Those who display high levels tend to exhibit a high degree of organization, self-discipline, thoroughness, and a need to achieve.
  23. Three characteristics of persuasion that are important in determining its effectiveness are:
  24. Who is widely recognized as the founder of current personality and trait measurement?
  25. is characterized by a high degree of inventiveness, adventurousness, and curiosity.
  26. All of the following are explanations for aggression EXCEPT:
  27. According to Carl Rogers’s theory of personality, we have one basic tendency, which is.
  28. psychology studies the relationships among individuals or between individuals and groups.
  29. is a personality factor comprised of the traits of friendly, compassionate, and cooperative?
  30. The theory argues that aggression is a result of learning from models in our environment.
  31. The test is a test in which the subject is presented with ten stimulus cards with printed figures resembling elaborate inkblots.
  32. Those who have high levels tend to be outgoing, seek stimulation, and want to be in the company of others.
  33. Attitudes are distinguished from opinions because they have strong.
  34. Those who are oriented tend to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.
  35. is the metaphor that a mind is a blank slate.

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