Buy Guided LIFC 202 Quiz Coaching

Buy Guided LIFC 202 Quiz Coaching

LIFC 202 Quiz Coaching Men and Women

  1. When referencing the history of powerful questioning, the book referenced Socrates and Socratic questioning as having a major impact on eliciting wisdom in students.
  2. Meditation trains the brain to access the unconscious. The more one practices in a meditative state, the easier it will become to access this whenever and where ever you need to.
  3. When considering Socratic questioning, the book outlines a common technique that is often used in the field of coaching. Which technique is listed?
  4. Appreciative inquiry is an organizational development approach to problem-solving that works by focusing on what’s working and pursuing that even more. Which is not one of the four steps?
  5. Of all the skills employed by a life coach, questioning is the most tangible for the client.
  6. The opening pages of chapter eight list a number of things questions can be used for in the field of coaching. Which is not listed?
  7. Given that intuition is the ability to understand or know something immediately, it is not possible to improve on one’s intuition.
  8. “Sensory acuity” is the ability to take in information from your peripheral vision in order to gain a better understanding or layout of your environment.
  9. The first exercise provided to help improve intuition is designed to develop one’s sensory acuity. What exercise was recommended to help improve this skill?
  10. Using open questions is a well-known technique for phrasing questions in order to open up a conversation.

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