Buy Guided LIFC 501 Quiz Midterm

Buy Guided LIFC 501 Quiz Midterm

  1. What does the acronym COACH stand for in Webb’s The Coach Model?
  2. Define accountability according to the class presentations.
  3. According to the course presentations, what does the acronym SMART stand for in the SMART Goal Setting System?
  4. Progress in coaching is measured by:
  5. According to the course presentations, what are the four levels of listening?
  6. A professional coach has mastered the following sets:
  7. One sure way to help people discover new roads and increase their perspective is by
  8. Examples of open questions include:
  9. According to the course presentations, what are the Five R’s of coaching?
  10. According to the Webb text, important next steps for coaches to advance in their career and knowledge in the field include:
  11. Coaching around the coachee’s assumptions, goals, and meaning can provide a new perspective and lead to a breakthrough. This is called
  12. Adult learning theory teaches us that ____.
  13. Powerful questions ____ and do not _____ .
  14. According to the course presentations, why do clients most often seek coaching in the middle years of life?
  15. In normal practice, the coachee will leave every coaching session
  16. Asking _ rather than _ giving the coachee freedom to explore without limitations of the coach’s ideas.
  17. According to the course presentations, what four items are incorporated into the Initial Conversation?
  18. List the three parts of the accountability pyramid.
  19. Coaching supports and encourages the ___, ____, and ___ that God has given each person.
  20. According to the course presentations, what types of questions are behind the Power of Inquiry?
  21. In coaching, we embark on a quest by using ____ in conversations.
  22. ____ are the transitions from thoughts and insights to action and application.
  23. A ____ is someone who has experience in a particular area and shares that learning with a protégé.

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