Buy Guided PADM 600 Quiz 2 – 3

Buy Guided PADM 600 Quiz 2 – 3

Quiz 2

  1. According to Irene Rubin, executive and legislative budget powers
  2. Please explain in detail your answer to the question above.
  3. The federal budgeting process
  4. Please explain in detail your answer to the question above.
  5. State and local governments
  6. Please explain in detail your answer to the question above.
  7. According to Irene Rubin, the public budgeting process
  8. Please explain in detail your answer to the question above.
  9. Political actors often view the opportunity to shape the budget process
  10. Please explain in detail your answer to the question above.

Quiz 3

  1. Please explain and evaluate Irene Rubin’s concept of “real-time budgeting.” Specifically, after explaining what she means by “real-time budgeting” please evaluate this concept in light of its implications related to budgetary decision-making, the idea of Constitutionally limited government, and a Biblical worldview.
  2. Please identify and explain the 5 distinct areas that affect budgetary decision-making according to Irene Rubin.
  3. Irene Rubin identifies several common themes in budgetary decision-making. One of those is the tension between openness and secrecy. Please evaluate this dynamic and its implications for public budgeting. What, if any, legitimate reasons might exist for secrecy? In what ways might secrecy be used for political purposes? How might a Judeo- Christian worldview influence or inform an evaluation of secrecy and openness in public budgeting?
  4. Please evaluate the impact of increasing political polarization on the public budgeting process.
  5. Please evaluate the role of federalism in the public budgeting process.

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