Buy Guided RLGN 360 Quiz Midterm

Buy Guided RLGN 360 Quiz Midterm

  1. The development of the subject and central theme __________ the talk to a manageable amount of information.
  2. Resources should clarify and strengthen your rationale.
  3. The response to a persuasive proposition should always begin with the word(s)
  4. The key word is always a plural ______________.
  5. The subject must be within the bounds of your ____________.
  6. Occasionally an illustration may be so emotionally charged that it distracts from the focus.
  7. According to Davis, a great communicator evaluates two considerations.
  8. When you interrogate a proposition you should use ________________ questions.
  9. According to Davis, a brief summary of the logic that led to your objective should be a part of every conclusion.
  10. What is the first step in writing an objective sentence?
  11. The rationale should lead the listener to the ____________.
  12. There are four rules that will govern your choice of rationale.
  13. The rationale is more commonly known as the ___________ of the talk and should lead the listener to the objective.
  14. If the keyword is the bag that will hold all the elements of the talk together, then the rationale is
  15. which of the following is not an evaluative question listed by Ken Davis in Secrets of Dynamic Communication?
  16. The attention-getter is an important part of the opening because it lets you establish contact and take control.
  17. The first guideline for choosing a subject is that the subject should meet a specific need of the audience or be of ____________to the audience.
  18. The subject and central theme may not necessarily express the exact objective of your talk, but they will represent what you plan to talk about.
  19. The response to an enabling proposition should always begin with the word(s)
  20. A structural outline shows the logic in a passage by writing it out in paragraph form rather than verse form.
  21. An invaluable step in preparation is to practice your message on your feet and out loud.
  22. Which of the following is not an evaluative question listed by Ken Davis in Secretes of Dynamic Communication?
  23. The third step in writing an objective sentence is to write a response to the interrogation.
  24. One kind of proposition that can be used in the construction of an objective sentence is a(n) ____________ proposition.
  25. It is not important to estimate how much time you will need to spend on each element in the outline.

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