Buy Guided SOWK 250 Quiz Selected

Buy Guided SOWK 250 Quiz Selected

SOWK 250 Quiz What is Burnout?

  • According to the author, when reading the Handbook, what questions should you ask during each entry?
  • Self-care goals need to be attainable and measurable. To help, the author recommends using the ‘SMART’ acronym. Which stands for:
  • What is the chief component(s) of burnout as defined by Maslach that will “invade our lives”:
  • From the time of being a student, what should all healthy social workers have an awareness of?
  • Instead of simply ‘burnout’, what term would best describe the stress that Michelle from one of the case studies would describe:
  • What are the four main components of burnout:
  • According to the ______, it states that social workers have a “duty to take necessary steps to care for themselves professionally and personally in the workplace and society”.
  • Burnout occurs in mental health professionals due to complex:
  • The emotional and physical fatigue that social workers and those in related professions may experience due to the “chronic use of empathy when treating patients who are suffering in some way”:
  • According to the text, many social workers:

SOWK 250 Quiz Areas of Burnout

  • “The need to _____________ is a powerful, fundamental and ______________ motivation”> Leszcz (2005)
  • Physically active individuals experience stronger feelings of ___________.
  • Which of the following does not help keep life decisive and deliberate?
  • “Exercise helps us to restore _____________ and decompress, to return to ourselves and find balance in an unstable ______________.”
  • Social workers must:
  • Which of the following is not one of the Fantastic 4?
  • Within one’s professional environment, burnout can occur in reference to:
  • In relation to burnout and its different variables, what educational attributes most often lead to burnout?
  • To find balance with self-care we must learn to:
  • Being empathetic, understanding to oneself, not being selfish or giving into self-pity is described as:

SOWK 250 Quiz Introducing Self Care

  • Which of the following is not described as a ‘care’ component?
  • What is the essential component of all self-care strategies:
  • “We can’t be moved by our own _____________________ if we don’t even that it exists in the first place.”
  • Which of the following is an aspect of organizations that foster wellness?
  • We as individuals must judge our self-care activities first and foremost by
  • The conditions of self-care are having
  • Why is mindfulness one of the simplest, yet most difficult ways to engage in self-care?
  • Self-care is a lifestyle, not a ________________.
  • If at first you don’t succeed ___________
  • According to Dewane; “melding the professional self of what one knows with the personal self of who one is” is called the appropriate use of:

SOWK 250 Quiz: Personal, Social, and Physical Self-Care

  • Which category of friendship does the author insert into Dr. Geoffrey Greif’s categories of friendship to symbolize the letting go of “toxic relationships”?
  • Which of the following Tips related to the workplace explains the importance of having a comfortable environment
  • The profession of social work:
  • Which of the following Tips related to the workplace encourages the worker to make the specific workspace their own?
  • Physical self-care is comprised of:
  • The acronym for “POP” includes all the following EXCEPT:
  • A regular _______ program and proper _________ is/are crucial to preventing burnout that can result from lack of physical activity.
  • According to Rechtschaffen, which of the following is NOT a category for ‘Time-shifting’?
  • Self-care strategy selections provide all of us in mental health and related professions with a greater ability to see, hear, and feel what our clients are trying to tell us about their own journeys.
  • Important vehicles to consider as personal self-care strategies collectively or individually are:

SOWK 250 Quiz: Self-Care Planning

  • Which is not one of the three attendant syndromes of burnout we have studied?
  • An important aspect of creativity is the emphasis on process over product.
  • SMART stands for Specific, Memorable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Limited.
  • An important part of our vocabulary should be the word “No” even though we hesitate to say it.
  • Community involvement and political activities are not important aspects of one’s professional commitment.
  • to integrate self-care into our lives protects the passion and dedication that led us to our profession.
  • Appropriate self-care involves knowing that our profession is not our life and that our clients can never compensate for any pain or deprivation we or those we love and care about may have known.
  • What is the first step in the process of getting a better night’s sleep?
  • Most who enter social work have a compelling desire to work tirelessly toward a fairer, more just society for all.
  • Parker-Pope (2015) discusses research that shows expressive writing has positive benefits among people with _______________ and cancer.

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