Buy Guided SOWK 270 Quiz All Quizzes

Buy Guided SOWK 270 Quiz All Quizzes


  1. According to the text, what are the two separate aims of ethics education?
  2. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) adopted its first Code of Ethics in:
  3. The core values of the social work profession include:
  4. Per the text, a person’s values are mainly informed by politics and religious beliefs, not experiences and context.
  5. The text indicates that focusing on what actions one should avoid can provide the conceptual and analytical clarity needed to address moral problems.


  1. The neo-Kohlbergian approach centers on the Four Component Model, which describes four psychological processes that affect moral behavior. These four processes are:
  2. Kohlberg’s view of moral development assumes that:
  3. One limitation to Kohlberg’s theory has been its:
  4. The neo-Kohlbergian group introduced three moral schemas in response to criticism over Kohlberg’s use of “hard” stages. These schemas are:
  5. The question, “Whose needs am I really meeting?” is an example of:


  1. In justifying moral rule violations, Step 1 includes identifying the morally relevant features of the case. These questions include:
  2. Gert’s moral framework sits upon assumptions that undergird the framework itself. These assumptions are:
  3. Common morality consists of moral ideals that, though morally good, are not morally required.
  4. In terms of rationality, harms that all rational people want to avoid include the following EXCEPT:
  5. The common morality framework was developed to solve every moral and ethical dilemma one may be faced with.

SOWK 270 Quiz: Paternalism

  1. According to the text, there is never a time that a social worker can justify acting paternalistic toward a client.
  2. Paternalistic acts always violate the rule of not depriving individuals of their freedom.
  3. Paternalism inherently restricts the freedom and self-determination of the client, and the decision of when to act paternalistically is measured, at least in part, as a consideration of doing:
  4. A paternalistic action is one that meets the criteria of:
  5. According to the text, social workers can often find themselves struggling with the difference between doing something for clients to help them resolve their problems, and doing something to clients to fix their problems for them.

SOWK 270 Quiz: Informed Consent

  1. According to the text, social workers have a moral requirement to provide clients with information about the potential benefits of treatment, not the possible harm they may experience in receiving treatment.
  2. Determining if a client is unable to give consent due to incompetence requires that the social worker:
  3. Obtaining informed consent consists of all of the following elements:
  4. According to the text, social workers do not necessarily have to obtain informed consent before audiotaping or videotaping clients if the client is mandated to receive services.
  5. The factors that may interfere with the client’s ability to make a rational decision include cognitive disabilities that prevent understanding or influence volition, such as extreme phobias.

SOWK 270 Quiz: Competency

  1. In Step 2 of the common morality analytic framework, one must ask:
  2. Client competency can directly relate to two core ethical principles, one being the commitment to foster a client’s right to self-determination, and the other being a commitment to do what is in the best interest of the client.
  3. In Step 1 of the common morality analytic framework, one attempt to identify the morally relevant features of the particular case. In this chapter, these features include:
  4. The concept of competency was originally established by the federal Supreme Court as a necessary ability to proceed to trial.
  5. One’s ability to make a rational decision of a certain kind can be seriously interfered with by the following factors EXCEPT:

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