Buy Guided SUBS 505 Quiz 1

Buy Guided SUBS 505 Quiz 1

SUBS 505 Quiz: Substance Use and Abuse

  1. 2 Million people use cocaine monthly and 40 million have used cocaine at some point in which country?
  2. The direct and indirect cost of substance use disorders totals more than _______ percent of the average state’s budget.
  3. Alcohol is thought to contribute to approximately ____ of all motor vehicle accidents.
  4. Adults with SUDs are more likely to physically abuse and/or neglect their children than their non-abusing peers.
  5. According to your text, use of which of the following substances has remained fairly stable in society?
  6. Around the world, heroin accounts for ___ of opiate use disorders.
  7. According to your text, the social use of a chemical
  8. Drugs that have the highest pharmacological reward potential for abuse tend to have a
  9. An alcohol user’s position on the continuum of chemical use
  10. Tolerance is defined as
  11. The set of symptoms experienced when a user stops or curtails the intake of a substance is called
  12. Which of the following is one of the diagnostic criteria for the diagnosis of a substance use disorder, according to your text?
  13. As a general rule, the __________ can bio-transform alcohol.
  14. Historical evidence suggests that the process of distillation emerged
  15. According to your text, all of the following are methods by which alcohol has been introduced into the body, EXCEPT
  16. According to your text, the highest concentration of alcohol that can be achieved from fermentation is about
  17. Currently, scientists believe that alcohol is a “dirty” compound. This means
  18. Jamal will have an occasional glass of wine with dinner, does not require daily use of alcohol to function, has never had any negative consequences due to his drinking, and does not use alcohol for continuous periods of time. Jamal would most likely be considered
  19. People who are alcohol-dependent are thought to lose about ______ of potential life as a result of their drinking.
  20. The typical “skid row” person with an alcohol use disorder represents ________ of the total number of persons with such a disorder.
  21. are thought to be the most effective treatment for patients suffering from alcohol withdrawal seizures.
  22. Your text suggests that _______ of the U.S. population drank to the point of intoxication in the past year.
  23. Rita has grown aware of the fact that her alcohol use is contributing to problems with her health, her work, and her marriage. She has attempted to cut back on her drinking because of this, but cannot seem to reduce her alcohol intake. Rita most likely
  24. The heavy, chronic use of alcohol will
  25. Between 80 and 90 percent of persons with an alcohol use disorder will have evidence of this.

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