Buy Guided SUBS 607 Quiz 5

Buy Guided SUBS 607 Quiz 5

  1. If a person ignores one of the steps to recover, he/she can be prone to relapse.
  2. Step 12 encompasses praying for sanctification.
  3. The fourth and fifth steps encompass
  4. According to John Baker, recovery is a(n)
  5. The “H” in the Heart Check is
  6. The key to the second step is having daily quiet time.
  7. Which of the following is not a predictable pattern of relapse?
  8. According to John Baker, many identify ______________ as a block to entering the program.
  9. A person will probably avoid relapse even if attending their recovery meetings is not a priority.
  10. The first step of recovery is to admit one is __________ over addictions and compulsive behaviors.

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