Buy Guided THEO 109 Quiz 1

Buy Guided THEO 109 Quiz 1

  1. Adam’s sin only brought spiritual death upon man.
  2. Willmington notes that the child of God loses all of the following when they sin, but which one?
  3. Sin occurs when…
  4. Which Gospel gives a 3 fold characterization of sin that is in line with the characterization of temptation facing Eve in the Garden of Eden?
  5. Willmington notes much ink has been spilled concerning the “unpardonable sin.” He notes how many theories/views concerning the unpardonable sin.
  6. There are 3 key passages in the New Testament written by 2 writers showing the ultimate and final victory over sin. These 2 writers are….
  7. “Sin” notes that man has…
  8. The indisputable fact that all men are sinners is attested to by…
  9. Only God knows for certain why He allowed Adam to sin.
  10. All of the following are noted as symbols for sin in the Bible, but which one?
  11. We all sin because we are physically inclined toward it.
  12. Sin turns us into children of wrath.
  13. . Sin is eternal.
  14. When the serpent asked, “Has God said?” he was in essence calling God a liar.
  15. One of the great blessings of our salvation is that God dealt with the subject of our sins.
  16. Lucifer led a revolt against Jehovah God in an attempt to dethrone the rightful King, the Lord Jesus Christ. This resulted in sin entering the universe.
  17. Willmington notes that God may have allowed Adam to sin so that He could display His grace to him.
  18. According to Dr. Rasberry, God did not tempt man in the Garden of Eden by forbidding them to eat of the tree. But instead, He did make choices available to man.
  19. Sin can be summarized and said to….
  20. Willmington notes that the most spiritual believer cannot even touch the depths of the holiness of God and the depths of his own sin.

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