Buy Guided THEO 201 Quiz 6

Buy Guided THEO 201 Quiz 6

Set 3

  1. Which New Testament Letter teaches that Jesus is the God of revelation and superior to all other created beings?
  2. This council focused on the deity of Christ.
  3. Arius was condemned at the Council of Nicea in 325.
  4. Kenosis is used to describe what?
  5. God, the Son has always existed.
  6. In what Gospel does Erickson see as giving the clearest and most direct declaration of the deity of Christ?
  7. While Jesus claimed to be God, he did not predict his death and resurrection.
  8. The Greek term the New Testament writers often used to describe Jesus, particularly after His ascension.
  9. This Christological heresy taught Jesus only appeared to have a real physical body.
  10. Jesus always described himself in a singular manner to God the Father.
  11. Though Jesus was fully God, he needed food, water, and nourishment to grow and care for his body during his earthly ministry.
  12. Islam holds that Jesus was God, but did not die on the cross, instead another person took his place.
  13. Which religion considers Jesus to be divine, but does not affirm the Trinity and believes that Jesus was created at a point in time.
  14. This creed affirms that Jesus has the same nature or essence as God the Father and the same nature as humanity.
  15. This Christological heresy held that Jesus became God at his baptism.
  16. The only reason that Jesus was crucified was due to the charges of breaking the Sabbath.
  17. The earliest confessions of the deity of Christ were written by the Apostle Paul.
  18. According to Erickson, Jesus is fully God and fully human in one nature.
  19. This characteristic was recognized by first-century Jewish religious authorities as a sign of deity.
  20. What is the term used to describe the doctrine that God the Son took on flesh and became a man?

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