Buy New ARTS 209 Quiz Visual Communication

Buy New ARTS 209 Quiz Visual Communication

  1. In a work of art, the word “composition” refers to ____.
  2. Does craft refer to which of the following?
  3. Art is a ____ phenomenon.
  4. Stylistically this painting would be categorized as ____ art.
  5. The content of a work of art refers to ____.
  6. Every culture, both past, and present has a word that corresponds to ours for art.
  7. Contemporary art and popular culture often share the same images.
  8. Load-bearing construction is usually characterized by
  9. The wedge-shaped stones in arches are called piers.
  10. One of the earliest forms of load-bearing construction is the ____ method of construction.
  11. The space in paintings is referred to as ____.
  12. An achromatic value scale doesn’t utilize ____.
  13. ____ textures mimic reality.
  14. Neutral colors, such as cream, tan, or beige, are very ____-intensity colors.
  15. Value in art refers to ____ and ____.
  16. Trusses are ____ shaped construction supports.
  17. Ornamentation in architecture is the ____ of forms or surfaces beyond structural necessity.
  18. Ornamentation in architecture usually functions symbolically or ____.
  19. The visual texture consists of physical surface variations that can be experienced by the sense of touch.
  20. The twelve figures flanking Emperor Justinian in this image allude to ____.
  21. Achaemenid architecture is especially distinguished by ____.
  22. The seat of power for King Louis XIV of France, ____ was originally Louis’s grandfather’s hunting lodge.
  23. The Crowned Head of an Oni demonstrated the Yoruba and Benin skill in ____.
  24. An apotheosis means that someone has become ____.
  25. Picasso’s Guernica dramatized the 1937 destruction of the Basque capital during the ____.
  26. Known for its cinematic technique, the film The Battleship Potemkin used ____ to allow viewers to piece together the story from fleeting images.
  27. Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington, D.C., was designed to glorify the Vietnam War.
  28. The Houses of Parliament were built in the ____ style
  29. King Louis XIV of France was also called the Sun King because he identified himself with the god Apollo.
  30. A warrior on horseback is called a(n) ____.
  31. Jacob Lawrence’s artistic style was____.
  32. The nineteenth-century French artist ____ was known for his pointedly satirical, political cartoons.
  33. Edward Kienholz’s work is based on his experiences as ____.
  34. Jacob Lawrence did a series of paintings describing the tribulations of____.
  35. Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s Allegory of Good Government was painted when ____ was still a patchwork of city-states in constant turmoil, rather than a unified nation.
  36. David Alfaro Siqueiros protested against the ____.
  37. Lewis Hine’s photos of child laborers have long ____, which fully documented their youthfulness.
  38. Most social protest works of art are designed to prescribe specific changes and actions.
  39. In Jacob Lawrence’s tempera paintings, the use of space and color, as well as the bright patterns of handmade rugs, indicate the influence of
  40. Edward Kienholz’s The State Hospital uses ugliness to criticize the way society deals with people it deems incompetent.

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