Buy New Ashford PHI 208 Week 1 Quiz

Buy New Ashford PHI 208 Week 1 Quiz


  1. All of the following are common features of skepticism EXCEPT:
  2. Nafi, a cultural anthropologist, believes that at least some moral truths are independent of the values and beliefs of any particular culture or individual. What is the term for Nafi’s belief?
  3. Among the following choices, what is the best indication that a particular ethical theory is strong?
  4. With what does the major moral theory known as virtue ethics primarily concern itself?
  5. According to the text, from a philosophical standpoint, all intentional human actions can be broken down into three parts. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
  6. Relativism is a way to acknowledge that much of what we value—and how we think we and others should act—has been significantly shaped by
  7. Peyton and Vanessa are having an in-depth conversation about whether moral standards and concepts hold across cultures, or whether they are relative. What type of ethics are they considering?
  8. Which of the following ideas do Glaukon and Nietzsche share?
  9. The author suggests a statement like, “Who am I to judge what is right or wrong for someone else?” MOST often implies that
  10. In September 2017, Saudi Arabia granted its women the right to drive—the last country on earth to do so. Many people judged this as positive progress. What does this judgment imply about the idea of cultural relativism?
  11. Charlotte, a struggling single mother, sees a very wealthy man drop his wallet.  Instead of informing him she keeps it and uses the money inside to buy some clothes and school supplies
  12. Tim considers himself to be a moral skeptic. What, then, does Tim use to examine moral assumptions?
  13. Samara is considering how she should handle the fact that her employer overpaid her on her last check. Should she say something? Will she have to give the money back? Will her employer find out, and if so, is it better if Samara raises the issue first? These issues with which Samara is grappling are best described as ___________ judgments.
  14. The text uses the metaphor of a house to explain the relationship between metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. Which part of the house represents normative ethics?
  15. During the Las Vegas massacre, there were people at an outdoor concert who risked their lives to help total strangers. When interviewed later, their common response was, “It was the right thing to do.” What is the term for this kind of deep-down sense of what is good and right?
  16. In philosophical terms, to support a particular moral position usually implies
  17. Skepticism MOST closely falls under which branch of ethical theory?
  18. Victor assumes that each individual is primarily concerned with his or her own benefit. Victor’s assumption is a form of __________.
  19. The egoist view is that moral standards are only good if they serve
  20. In the context of philosophy, what are claims?


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