Buy New Ashford PSY 301 Week 3 Quiz

Buy New Ashford PSY 301 Week 3 Quiz

  1. A political campaigner asks you to buy a ticket for a $500 fund-raising dinner for a local politician. After you decline the request, you are asked if a sign, advertising the politician, can be placed on your lawn. This _____________ makes it likely that you will agree to this last request.
  2. Amanda went to buy a bicycle and the store owner began to tell her about when his daughter got her first “grown-up” bike. Amanda found herself drawn into the story, and related to many of its elements. This is an example of
  3. When an advertiser is attempting to sell an expensive product like a house, emotion has little or no bearing on how persuasive the communication will be.
  4. A well-known pizza company created an ad that reported the fact that many pizza companies use small amounts of cheese. In fact, the ad stated that their company was guilty of the same process. The point of the ad was to highlight their new extra cheesy pizza. This type of ad contains
  5. A commercial for life insurance touts a $25,000 policy that costs “less than 15 cents a day.” Toward the end of the commercial, the actual cost, $54.95, is mentioned. This _____________ technique seeks to place a primary focus on 15 cents, as opposed to the actual cost.
  6. Compared to people with low self-esteem, individuals with high self-esteem are
  7. A high school student and a college science professor give speeches on global warming. Which one of these speakers will likely get the most persuasive speech?
  8. People with low self-esteem are
  9. In an ad for a popular garden hose, the announcer highlights the price of $19.95. Toward the end of the ad, it is pointed out that this is the 20-foot hose, and the 45-foot hose is only $24.95. Which technique is being used in this commercial?
  10. Hassan visited a health food store and was approached by a very convincing salesperson. The salesperson told him that they were selling a new vitamin supplement and that this supplement would provide him with a significant increase in energy and alertness. The type of persuasive message used in this case is a ______________ message.
  11. Advertisers often use data about social norms in order to
  12. Rev. Jim Jones, the perpetrator of the Jonestown tragedy, was able to convince hundreds of people to commit suicide because of its
  13. Solomon Asch’s (1958), groundbreaking research helped to explain the social psychological phenomenon known as
  14. ____________ norms define appropriate behavior, and ____________ define actual behavior.
  15. In the famous Asch study, the number of Confederates did not change the level of conformity.
  16. Milgram’s research demonstrated the significance of proximity to
  17. What social psychological phenomenon was demonstrated by the Asch studies?
  18. In a certain part of a public zoo, posted signs read, “keep off the grass.” However, you notice the grass has had a lot of foot traffic. What does this suggest?
  19. An advertisement for chewing gum boasts a statistic that 4 out of 5 dentists recommend the advertised type of gum. This is an attempt to use ____________ in order to persuade people to conform to the recommendations of the dentists.
  20. Conformity can best be defined as
  21. Members of the company’s board of directors are meeting to decide on increasing the price of a product that has become more expensive to make. As individuals, several of the directors felt a 5% increase was appropriate. By the end of the meeting, it was decided. The product would increase in price by 8%. This may be an illustration of the social-psychological process of
  22. The tendency for awareness of one’s individual identity to decline when they are in a group setting is called
  23. Researcher Zajonc (1980), argued that social facilitation could occur simply because of the
    ____________ of others.
  24. The tendency for a person to work harder when they are less capable than their peers has been called the
  25. At a Halloween party, Arnold is dressed as a ghost. His friends notice that he is more lively and outgoing than usual. It is likely that Arnold is engaged in
  26. A political campaign manager has recruited dozens of volunteers. One of the tasks they are assigned is to stuff envelopes for mass mailing. While the volunteers all seemed
  27. In a class of 30 students, six students are assigned to do a group project. According to the definition in your textbook, the class ____ a group, and the six students ____ a group.
  28. If a wine-producing town begins to harvest more grapes than can be replenished, this town will create a common dilemma.
  29. When individuals take on the identity of a group, group polarization is most likely to increase.
  30. Becky and Dan are selling their farm and moving to another state, where they will be starting new careers. While Becky is looking for a house at the new location, Dan is dealing with the sale of the farm. They talk by phone every night, updating each other on their progress. This process is crucial and helps in preventing

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