Buy New AVIA 300 Quiz 4 Midterm

Buy New AVIA 300 Quiz 4 Midterm

  1. What FAR rule explains fitness for duty as being “physiologically and mentally prepared and capable of performing assigned duties at the highest degree of safety.”
  2. From a philosophical perspective, one of the greatest achievements in the aviation safety movement over the last century has been the recognition that accidents seldom occur due to a single cause.
  3. What key action is an effective leader that can commence the process of team building by explaining the challenges that will likely be faced and by depicting how open communication and shared input into the decision-making process can overcome those obstacles?
  4. To reduce the workload during critical task saturation situations, new pilots are taught a task-shedding strategy to focus on the most important task on the flight deck:
  5. What variable (or factor) of human performance includes the nature of the task being performed (vigilance and inspection tasks versus assembly operations), workload (work intensity, multitasking, and/or time constraints), and level of training?
  6. Around 1980 and 1981, two airlines lead the CRM movement globally: _________ and
  7. To extract the maximum benefit of teamwork for promoting safety, CRM has evolved through numerous stages of development to produce a central theme of encouraging participation in the authority provided to leaders and of promoting subordinate assertiveness with respect.
  8. When pilots and flight attendants train together by running through a cabin evacuation in a full-scale cabin mockup, they learn to see situations through the eyes of each other, and thus, understand their concerns and possible thoughts about a given task.
  9. The foundation of the Crew Resource Management (CRM) pyramid model is leadership and followership since the effectiveness of the interplay between leaders and followers directly impacts the quality of communication that is used to coordinate actions that build Shared Situational Awareness (SSA) for peak Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM).
  10. The TEM framework recognizes the relationship between ______ and ______?
  11. Fundamental CRM skill sets include:
  12. Of the four (4) types of Transcockpit Authority Gradient (TAG) which one is optimal?
  13. This central theme of CRM of which we speak is best expressed in two elements: (select all that apply)
  14. Aviation human factors is a multidisciplinary science that attempts to optimize the interaction between people, machines, methods, and procedures that interface with one another within an environment in a defined system to achieve a set of systems goals.
  15. The U.S. Air Force offers a very useful explanation by stating, “CRM training is a key component of a combined effort to identify and manage the conditions that lead to error”.
  16. Transient fatigue is brought on by sleep deprivation or extended hours awake.
  17. between aircrews and air traffic controllers has been long recognized as a leading type of human error.
  18. Aviation human factors encompass fields of study that include, but are not limited to:
  19. What does “C” stand for in the DECIDE model of Aeronautical Decision Making?
  20. This is the ability to perceive factors that affect us and to understand how those factors impact us now and in the future.
  21. Essentially, three reasons explain why people make poor decisions: (select all that apply)
  22. The leading human-factors theorists and modern researchers believe that between ____ and ____ of all aviation accidents are attributable to a human error somewhere in the chain of causation.
  23. is when a person has a mental model of the expected performance of technology and then encounters something different.
  24. Constantly Working on Building the Team is NOT important to make each crew member feel valued. When major decisions are to be made, the leader should solicit and respect input from everyone.
  25. Mica Endsley has researched Situational Awareness (SA) exhaustively and realized that SA is developed, sustained, and destroyed along three distinct levels. What level is understanding what those factors mean, particularly when integrated with your goal?
  26. This component of the 5-Factor model refers to aviation technology and has made substantial advances over the years.
  27. Examples of real-world problems using Reason’s Swiss Cheese model would include the following: (select all that apply)
  28. has no purpose, is unpredictable, and uncontrollable, but yet can determine the outcome of an event both favorably and unfavorably.
  29. The most significant takeaway from Chapter five (The role of Government) of the textbook, is that government rulemaking and policy must be based on science, not emotion.
  30. Why is a Just Culture important to have? (Operator’s Manual – Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance)
  31. What are the three (3) governing bodies of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)?
  32. Which SMS approach is the active identification of safety hazards through the analysis of the organization’s activities, using tools such as mandatory and voluntary reporting systems, safety audits, and safety surveys. (Operator’s Manual – Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance)
  33. On the website for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) history, it says it was established in 1971.
  34. What is the trend of aviation safety management?
  35. On the history of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website, when did the Civil Aeronautics Authority transfer to the Federal Aviation Agency?
  36. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 2014-2016 had five strategic objectives:
  37. The “Swiss cheese,” SHELL, and 5-Factor models, all have one common element: the fact that accidents are caused by more than one factor, a core principle of accident theory called multi-causality.
  38. The “Swiss Cheese” model is based on the concept that accidents have root causes that are often based on _____ actions or _____ of actions at the management levels of an organization.
  39. Accident investigators must seek out the _____ of the accident.
  40. Should useful cost justifications be straightforward and easy to understand when looking at the Return of Investment (ROI) calculations?
  41. What factor is in the middle of the circle of the 5-Factor model?
  42. Recognizing hazards is critical to beginning the risk management process. Sometimes, one should look past the immediate condition and project the progression of the condition. What are three abilities to project the condition into the future come from (select all that apply) (FAA Risk Management Handbook)
  43. How many drafts per assignment may be submitted to the Liberty University Online Writing Center?
  44. With regards to Human Factors, why is measuring impact and return on investment important? (select all that apply)(Operator’s Manual – Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance)
  45. According to the FAA Risk Management Handbook, Risk is defined as:
  46. The likelihood of an event is nothing more than taking a situation and determining the probability of its occurrence. What are the four (4) guidelines for making assignments? (FAA Risk Management Handbook)
  47. On the history of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) website, how many international standards and recommended practices are there?
  48. Within the United States, who handles the nationwide dual functions of safety inspection and advice for airlines?
  49. On the website for the NTSB in 1967, The National Transportation Safety Board(NTSB) fell under the:
  50. Within the United States, who handles the nationwide dual functions of safety inspection and advice for airlines?

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