Buy New CCOU 301 Quiz 2

Buy New CCOU 301 Quiz 2


  • Hurting families
  • When considering how to create a comfortable child, it is important to let the child “cry it out” from time to time. Why is this important?
  • The ________ emphasis of the past has shifted to a(n) ________ emphasis in present day.
  • According to the course text (Clinton & Sibcy), when we are free of the external and internal influences that cloud our true desires, we realize that we truly crave to be seen, known, understood and
  • Nothing lasts on this earth-everything breaks down and comes to naught.
  • Core ingredients of healthy marital communication includes
  • Assimilation
  • The Speaker Listener Technique explains rules for helping couples talk to one another. These include…
  • When considering arguments and fights, what is most important to success and longevity in marriage?
  • Which of the following is not listed as one of the key aspects in the marriage bond?
  • Which of the following should the victim extend to the offender who is not repentant?
  • Intimacy is a multi-modal experience.
  • The seasons of marriage according to our presentation are…
  • The textbook (Clinton & Sibcy) refers to the typical pattern of hurting couples as pursue- withdraw. Which of the following is not one thing the authors suggest must be considered in order for couples to move into a healthier relationship?
  • According to the Marital Drift presentation, the number one breakdown in marriage according to Michelle Weiner Davis is…
  • According to the Clinton & Sibcy textbook, difficulties in marriage can arise from crowded schedules, money pressure, communication problems, and also from
  • According to the Balswick & Balswick, in the definition of power, the emphasis is placed
  • Which of the following is not something learned from God’s establishing a covenant with Noah and Abraham?
  • Authority in Christian marriages involves
  • The Christian perspective of mate selection, according to Balswick & Balswick, follows which order?
  • A person who follows a destructive path of self-blame or bitterness is likely to say which of the following statements?
  • Reflecting the feelings of your spouse is not as important as clarifying content.
  • According to our presentation, couples may feel disconnected or like strangers during the __________ stage due to their relationship being neglected due to children.
  • Research shows that which of the following roles shrinks or disappears for many couples for at least 2 years following the birth of the couples’ first child?
  • Genesis 2:24 is the great marital passage that instructs couples to:
  • Barring major problems, sexual satisfaction tends to increase over time.
  • The Clinton & Sibcy textbook explains that since each of us has our own share of human frailties, husbands and wives intentionally, and more often, unintentionally cause one another pain. This happens to couples with which of the following attachment styles?
  • According to our presentation, to know and to be known is the definition of intimacy.
  • According to the book, four factors that help you organize your parenting style are training your child in the way of love, emotional learning sensitivity, and
  • Which of the following reflects the dowry system?

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