Buy New CEFS 601 Quiz Psychodynamic

Buy New CEFS 601 Quiz Psychodynamic


  1. Which of the following is not considered by the authors to have set the stage for family therapy?
  2. Managed care programs have led to:
  3. Object Relations Family Therapy emphasizes the basic human need for:
  4. Relying heavily on learning theory at first, _________________ theory first came into prominence in the 1960s:
  5. According to Ackerman, the therapist’s primary job is to…
  6. When Beels and Ferber classified the leading family therapists in 1969, they distinguished two types, conductors and
  7. The largest organization of family therapists is the:
  8. A schizophrenogenic mother is one who:
  9. In a marital schism situation, each partner:
  10. A double-bind situation involves:
  11. A holding environment is a key element in:
  12. Alfred Adler is generally credited with founding:
  13. Object Relations Family Therapy:
  14. Ackerman used the term _________________ to describe several disabilities within a family which depend on each other for expression or control.
  15. Feminists have faulted existing practices as:
  16. For which of the following is interpretation of dreams and fantasies an essential part of the therapy?
  17. Sullivan emphasized all but one of the following as emerging from early mother-child relationships. Which one does not belong?
  18. Wynne’s concept of a rubber fence refers to
  19. The double-bind concept was first introduced to account for the development of:
  20. The focus of object relations theory is:
  21. Pochaska and Norcross (2010) contend the model orientation of family therapy today is:
  22. When a child internalizes the image of his mother into a good object and a bad object, he is engaging in:
  23. A spouse who projects undesired aspects of oneself onto a partner and then fights these characteristics in that mate is engaging in
  24. One highlight of Framo’s approach is the ability to lead a couple through several treatment stages. From the list below, which is one of these stages?
  25. Genograms help shed light on
  26. Bowen’s approach may be considered a bridge between what views?
  27. According to Kerr, an emotional cutoff
  28. Emotional cutoff, according to Bowen is
  29. A core concept in the contextual theory of Boszormenyi-Nagy’s approach is
  30. A high degree of family fusion may result in: (best answer please)
  31. Regardless of the presenting problem. Family Systems Therapy is directed toward
  32. Possible symptomatic patterns of fusion, according to Bowen, may be
  33. Sibling position, in Bowen’s theory, contribute to certain fixed personality characteristics based on
  34. Bowen’s work with families tended to be
  35. Bowen believed that, generally speaking, people choose mates with _________ levels of differentiation than their own
  36. With his concept of self-differentiation, Bowen argues for
  37. The “undifferentiated family ego mass” refers to
  38. The Family Life Chronology is essentially
  39. Family Sculpting is a
  40. According to Whitaker, the battle for initiative must
  41. Generally speaking, experiential therapists believe that change resides
  42. Probably Kempler’s outstanding therapeutic tactic is his insistence on
  43. Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy
  44. In Satir’s view, symptoms
  45. In Satir’s classification of communication stances, blamers are considered to be struggling with feelings of
  46. Satir called her approach
  47. Common vocabulary terms used by experiential family therapists include all except one of the following. Which term does not fit with the others?
  48. The attempt to guide clients into unlocking dysfunctional patterns stemming from their family of origin is called
  49. Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy is
  50. In Whitaker’s therapeutic approach, it is essential that the therapist win the battle for

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