Buy New CHPL 500 Quiz 3 Constitution and Pluralism

Buy New CHPL 500 Quiz 3 Constitution and Pluralism

  1. I watched the required videos
  2. I did the required reading
  3. Who said, “if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without [God’s] aid?”
  4. In Chaplains Under Fire, Charles Haynes from the First Amendment Center said it would be better to have civilian clergy in the military, except for the fact that?
  5. Katcoff v. Marsh was won on what grounds?
  6. According to the West Virginia Law review, what remains the only direct constitutional challenge to the military chaplaincy?
  7. Participation in all religious activities must be voluntary in the military except under wartime conditions
  8. According to Matters of Conscience, the Establishment Clause protects the ________, while the Free Exercise Clause protects the
  9. Which court case defended the constitutionality of the Army Chaplain Corps, and ultimately the Military Chaplaincy?.
  10. In Chaplains Under Fire 4, Chaplain Larry Shaw says the heart of the issue of praying in Jesus’ name is what?
  11. According to Dr. Keith, the chaplain legally functions for what purpose?
  12. According to Dr. Keith, the chaplain often seems to be stretched between what?
  13. In Chaplains Under Fire, Billy Baugham states that when a chaplain gets up to pray, there is no such thing as a staff officer prayer, but rather he is a representation of his church.
  14. In Chaplains Under Fire, the saying, “a shepherd needs to smell like a sheep” embodies what principle of the chaplain’s ministry?
  15. According to Matters of Conscience, John Leland, an influential Baptist preacher challenged the ratification of the Constitution on what grounds, which later resulted in the addition of the First Amendment?
  16. Chaplains are required to provide religious services in accordance to their endorsement and provide the commanders with advice in meeting the religious needs.
  17. According to the West Virginia Law review, chaplains do NOT have to provide reasonable means for religious exercise if it deviates from their denominational beliefs
  18. According to Matters of Conscience, chaplains are called by Almighty God to share that which is of ‘first importance’ to soldiers. What is of ‘first importance’?
  19. According to the West Virginia Law review, all three institutions of chaplaincy receive their basic legal form through which department?
  20. According to Dr. Keith in the presentation Chaplains, the US Constitution, and Pluralistic Ministry, there are two clauses to the First Amendment, what are they?
  21. The U.S. Government, under certain extreme circumstances, can tell chaplains how to conduct ministry.
  22. Yale professor Stephen Carter explains that the root of separation of church and state means what?
  23. In Chaplains Under Fire 2 , Billy Baugham says that “offering someone the blessed hope [of Jesus] is considered what?
  24. Chaplains are required to __________ all service members’ free exercise of religion.
  25. The Lemon Test is used to determine whether a law establishes religion or not; what are its three tenets?

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