Buy New COUC 667 Quiz 4

Buy New COUC 667 Quiz 4

  • In step 1 of the inverted pyramid method (IPM), the clinician is to
  • The inverted Pyramid Method (IPM) first step is which of the following?
  • Which of the following are true according to Switzer and Rubin on Case Conceptualization (click all that apply)?
  • The 2ndstep in the inverted pyramid method (IPM) is?
  • What are the four steps in the case conceptualization process in order?
  • True or False. The 2nd step of the inverted pyramid model is based on “rational clinical judgment” as opposed to step 3 of the IPM which is “theoretically based” according to Schwitzer and Rubin.
  • Which one of the following best represents step 3 in the inverted pyramid model (IPM)?
  • Which of the following, according to Tan, are implications to holding to biblical anthropology (click all that apply)?
  • According to a biblical view of humans (biblical anthropology), the ultimate purpose of life, according to Tan, is
  • Tan believes that the Bible, when applied to counseling, needs which of the following? (click all that apply)
  • Which of the following statements are true according to Tan (click all that apply)?
  • Which one of these is not a Christian counseling integration view noted by Tan?
  • True or False. Tan notes when attempting Christian integration with a secular theory (e.g., CBT, DBT, existentialism, feminism), the Christian counselor needs to evaluate the secular theory principles against Scriptural truths before applying them.
  • A Christian counselor is working with a client to overcome painful memories via prayer. Tan would consider this approach as
  • For Tan _____________________ integration is a more overt approach that directly and systematically deals with spiritual and religious matters in counseling.
  • True or False, Scripture can be misused according to Tan by not paying clear attention to the context of a verse (e.g., effective exegesis and hermeneutics) and the context of the client (e.g., what is the goal when using this verse).
  • Which of the following would be considered “Christian spiritual disciplines” that a counselor can apply to their life or as an intervention when working with a client (click all that apply)?
  • If a counselor is working with a client who desires to have prayer, Scripture, fasting, or meditation integrated into the sessions, the counselor needs?
  • Which of the following could be “spiritual” issues in a session (click all that apply)?
  • Which one of these theories may be better adapted to implicit integration according to Tan?
  • Which of the following accurately describes “diagnosis” according to Schwitzer and Rubin?
  • Excessive head nods, making too much or too little eye contact, overuse of mirroring, and constantly saying “Uh-huh” are all examples of what?
  • Which of the following is NOT one of the three parts of the listening continuum?
  • After several client problems have been identified, which is the best way for a therapist to decide which problem to deal with first?
  • Which of the following is least likely to be required information to evaluate a client’s problem in most situations?

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