Buy New CRIS 303 Quiz 7

Buy New CRIS 303 Quiz 7

  1. Inclusion is the first step toward empowering a community in crisis.
  2. The core school crisis team should meet to review protocol and procedures.
  3. According to the text, vigils, community prayers, memorials, healing rituals, and church attendance are
  4. Effective communication is the keystone to successful relationships, and keeping thoughts and feelings a secret or not discussing them contributes to feelings of isolation and lack of support and inhibits the grieving process.
  5. Informing parents quickly and accurately is important in a school trauma and crisis situation. Providing them with facts helps prevent the spread of.
  6. Research has found that victims of a natural disaster should leave the area in order to maintain family cohesion.
  7. When creating a resource folder in the pre-planning of a community meeting, the following should be included:
  8. External help is almost always welcomed by communities who have experienced trauma.
  9. As a very first step in helping, responders:
  10. Areas for consideration when designing community interventions include
  11. Although there is no explicit definition of a disaster, there is agreement that it is sudden, unpredictable, uncontrollable, threatening to lives and property, and disruptive.
  12. Which of the following is an intervention strategy that involves changing the conceptual or emotional viewpoint of family members?
  13. What is the first task identified by Moos (1995) regarding family tasks of grieving?
  14. In Native American culture, which of the following are sometimes carved to honor the death of a community leader or to memorialize a traumatic event?
  15. Secondary traumatization affects many others besides those directly involved in disaster response. One group mentioned in the text includes.
  16. It is never necessary for counselors to help families find alternatives to behaviors such as rescuing and/or distancing to cope with unpleasant emotions and/or related fears.
  17. The concept of the family presented in the text is based on the belief that the family is a dynamic interactional unit in which only some members influence each other.
  18. Assessing grief within the context of the family system requires consideration to be given to
  19. The primary objective of disaster response is the stabilization of injury and illness and the.
  20. Responders can assume, based on an initial observation of survivors, that they will or will not require help in the future.
  21. In 4-6 sentences, please discuss how your awareness of areas of community disaster response has changed as a result of the content in this module/week.

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