Buy New EDUC 518 Quiz: Qualitative Research

Buy New EDUC 518 Quiz: Qualitative Research

Module 6: Week 6

  1. Which of the following characteristics make for good qualitative interview questions?
  2. What is the basic object of study in phenomenological research?
  3. Which of the following explanations is qualitative rather than quantitative?
  4. How do the descriptive and reflective components of an observer’s eld notes differ from each other?
  5. Which of the following can interviews especially provide?
  6. Which of the following are factors to consider regarding the researcher’s role in an observational study?
  7. What is the difference between external and internal criticism in historical research?
  8. Internal criticism seeks to establish the authenticity of a source.
  9. Which of the following are “lenses” through which narrative analysis may be approached?
  10. Which of the following research questions could be the focus of a qualitative research study?
  11. Which of the following areas are types of indigenous knowledge that have been identified?
  12. Which of the following are drawbacks to gaining information through observations?
  13. Content analysis is a mainly quantitative research method.
  14. The participant as observer and observer as participant stances differ from each other primarily in terms of:
  15. Which of the following are variations on purposive sampling used in qualitative research?
  16. Critical research aims to challenge the status quo.
  17. The point of qualitative observations is to obtain data that is more:
  18. In grounded theory research, which of the following are stages of coding?
  19. Which of the following are aspects of emergent design?
  20. Which of the following are generally involved in arts-based research?

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