Buy New EDUC 815 Quiz Experimental Designs

Buy New EDUC 815 Quiz Experimental Designs

  1. An appropriate technique for determining the statistical significance of the pretest-posttest change in experiments is
  2. Of the following experimental designs, the one that is weakest in internal validity is the
  3. The posttest-only control-group design has an advantage over the pretest-posttest control-group design when
  4. Conditions other than the naturally occurring target behavior are used as controls in
  5. Which one of the following is not a threat to the external validity of an experiment?
  6. The external validity of an experiment refers to whether
  7. If the same observers rate students’ on-task behavior before and after an experimental intervention, their ratings are susceptible to an internal-validity threat known as:
  8. The equivalence of the experimental and control groups in an experiment
  9. The A-B-A-B design
  10. Because of the need for repeated measurements in single-case designs, it is important to
  11. In the Hawthorne effect, individuals who participate in an experiment improve their performance because
  12. The main threat to the internal validity of a nonequivalent control-group experiment is
  13. One good way to avoid the internal-validity threats that might result from withholding the experimental treatment from the control group is to
  14. The main purpose of the Solomon four-group design is to determine the presence of
  15. The main threat to the external validity of the pretest-posttest control-group design is the
  16. A 3 X 2 factorial design means that there are
  17. Experiments can vary in the
  18. An experiment is internally valid to the extent to which it
  19. In an experiment that follows the principles of representative design, it is
  20. Multiple-treatment interference refers to a situation in which

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