Buy New EVAN 401 Quiz 1

Buy New EVAN 401 Quiz 1

  1. Billy Graham was saved at an evangelistic crusade.
  2. Billy Graham believes in the “inerrancy” of the Bible but not its “infallibility.”
  3. Which team member arrived early in Los Angeles to organize prayer teams for the 1949 crusade?
  4. Billy Graham met Cliff Barrows at:
  5. Isaac Ababio compared prayer to warfare.
  6. Because the media is against Christianity, evangelists do their best to avoid television.
  7. Prior to his work in full-time evangelism, Billy Graham had worked as:
  8. What parable was used in the video to teach about encouraging a new believer?
  9. Follow-Up is the process of giving continued attention to new believers until they are at home in the local church.
  10. Stuart Hamblen’s conversion was an answer to Billy Graham’s prayer about whether or not they needed to extend the 1949 Los Angeles crusade.
  11. Post-modern thought feels shame rather than guilt.
  12. Evangelists should focus on the Gospel and not worry about social injustice.
  13. With what Reformer did Drummond compare Billy Graham’s reliance on the Scriptures?
  14. To keep his message simple, Billy Graham will only quote two or three verses in a sermon.
  15. Wilma Tan believes that women may be more receptive to the Gospel when they are having struggles or are in transition.
  16. Billy Graham admits that while the Bible has authority over believers it does not have authority over the unsaved.
  17. Billy Graham’s famous phrase is, “The Bible says.”
  18. In Billy Graham’s theology, the Bible and the Holy Spirit are closely connected.
  19. The Amsterdam Affirmations are specifically written for evangelists.
  20. The authority of the Bible is only challenged by atheists.
  21. Billy Graham made a decision to accept the Bible by faith alone in the woods.
  22. Billy Graham met George Beverly Shea through:
  23. According to Robert Coleman, the uniqueness of Jesus means that we cannot train believers today the way He trained the disciples.
  24. Before he formed his own ministry, Billy Graham was an evangelist for the Youth for Christ organization.
  25. Frank Harber helped readers remember apologetic evidence with the word:


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