Buy New EXSC 505 Exam 3

Buy New EXSC 505 Exam 3

  1. After a 2-hour outdoor training session, an athlete lost 3 pounds (1.4 kg). How much fluid should this athlete consume to return to a more ideal hydration state?
  2. Sarcopenia is associated with all of the following changes due to advancing age EXCEPT…
  3. The female athlete triad is the interrelationship between what three factors?
  4. A deficiency in which of the following nutrients is the most prevalent nutrient deficiency worldwide and can cause weakness, fatigue, and decreased exercise capacity?
  5. Which of the following types of body proportions is characterized by a rounder body with broader hips?
  6. Joint laxity, skill level, limb alignment, and neuromuscular deficiency are all thought to be factors in the occurrence of what common injury?
  7. Which of the following is a macronutrient?
  8. The minimum recommended intake of protein for athletes is g/kg of body weight.
  9. According to Hull’s drive theory, which of the following factors affect an athlete’s level of arousal and, consequently, the athlete’s performance?
  10. feedback is provided to the athlete by the athlete from the senses, while
  11. feedback is provided to the athlete by an observer or other external source.
  12. An athlete training for a marathon averages around 95 minutes of training a day at 75% of her VO2 max. If she weighs 126 pounds (57 kg), what is her minimum recommended daily intake of carbohydrates?
  13. When comparing males and females, which of the following is true regarding strength and power capabilities?
  14. A strength and conditioning professional is training two 16-year-old males; one has developed facial hair and a deepened voice, while the other has not. Which of the following is the most effective indicator of their physical maturation level?
  15. Which of the following is defined as “the average daily nutrient requirement adequate for meeting the needs of most healthy people within each life stage and sex”?
  16. A high serum level of which of the following substances is protective against heart disease?
  17. Which of the following conditions is defined as having diluted blood sodium levels (<130 mmol/L)?
  18. All of the following are benefits of resistance training in youth EXCEPT…
  19. Which of the following describes how the individual zones of the optimal functioning theory differ from the inverted-U theory?
  20. Which of the following is a relaxation technique that has been shown to be useful in injured and older athletes?
  21. Which of the following is the primary mechanism leading to strength gains in
  22. Excessive intake of which of the following vitamins can lead to liver damage, dizziness, and joint pain?
  23. As boys grow, they become taller and gain body mass. During this time, muscle changes as well, first in and second in.
  24. Winning is typically the primary focus of what type of goal?
  25. anxiety is the actual experience of apprehension and uncontrolled arousal and anxiety is a personality characteristic, which represents a latent disposition to perceive situations as threatening.
  26. A coach informs his athletes that at the beginning of the competitive season, he will be testing the back squat 1RM on all athletes and he hopes to see at least a 5% improvement for each team member. Shelby is excited by this new goal and the chance to evaluate her abilities. She likely is experiencing what type of motivation?
  27. Which of the following is generally discouraged in older adults, due to the sudden rise in
  28. A coach informs the team running a 40-yard (37 m) sprint that she would like everyone to complete the first trial in under 4.8 seconds. This coach is providing what kind of feedback to her athletes?
  29. All of the following describe the ideal performance state EXCEPT…
  30. What are the five main primary methods of incorporating a practice structure and schedule into an athlete’s program?
  31. During prolonged activity in hot weather, an athlete should consume a sports drink that meets which of the following guidelines?
  32. Discuss the effect of aging on the physical or physiological variables of an individual. Furthermore, please explain the impact that participating in a chronic (ie. long-term) resistance training program will have on an older, and originally untrained individual (15 pts).
  33. List and briefly explain the six aspects of the ideal performance state (15 pts).

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