Buy New EXSC 550 Exam 3

Buy New EXSC 550 Exam 3

  • Up to how many mm below the skin can a surface EMG electrode pick up electrical activity?
  • A time or space-varying quantity that contains either information, unwanted data called “noise”, or both:
  • Which graphing technique would be the best one to choose in order to clearly demonstrate cyclical changes of peak knee flexion and extension angles during 10 seconds of repeated jump squats?
  • The type of electrical current that is produced by our bodies is known as:
  • Which of the following does not distort or interfere with the recorded EMG signal?
  • According to the review article by Fonda, during cycling, what is the primary role of the lower extremity muscles that cross two joints?
  • Which of the following regarding action potentials is true?
  • Which waveform analysis technique incorporates statistical techniques which represent the waveform with a mathematical operation?
  • What term specifically refers to the available directions of independent motion that a body segment or joint will allow for? 
  • Which type of digital filter used in signal processing
  • of biomechanical data allows frequencies between two cutoff ranges to pass unaffected (unattenuated)?
  • According to the article by Schoffstall, Titcomb, and Kilbourne, which core strengthening exercise generated the most focused EMG activity of the abdominal muscles by demonstrating minimal EMG activity in the hip flexors (rectus femoris)?
  • Which of the following does not play a role in movement coordination in the body?
  • Which of the following cannot be represented as waveform data?
  • Motor neurons are found in the lobe of the brain and the       is the primary area in the brain where signals are put into a coordinated fashion to allow for smooth fluid muscle
  • Which of the following is not an application or goal of EMG use in the area of exercise science research?
  • Because our skeletal muscles contain very little water, they are poor conductors of electrical
  • Which of the following is false regarding muscle force versus EMG amplitude?
  • Regarding crosstalk, which of the following statements is/are true?
  • Which graphing technique is best for graphing the position and velocity of one body segment or joint during a specific movement?
  • According to the paper by Deluca (from the Journal of Applied Biomechanics) on the use of surface EMG, which of the following is not one of the primary uses of surface EMG signals in biomechanics?
  • Which of the following is an example of an analog signal?
  • Which of the following is false regarding superficial versus deep muscles and EMG?
  • Which of the following is false in regard to the uses of waveform data in biomechanical research?
  • 5 out of 2.5 points Which waveform analysis technique involves converting data into independent variables?
  • Which of the following is used during amplitude analysis to total all of the EMG signals over a period of time so that the total activity for a selected time period can be computed?
  • According to the review article by Fonda, the gluteus maximus does not contract during which portion(s) of the crank angle revolution?
  • Which of the following is true regarding optimizing the cutoff during signal processing?
  • Which is true regarding capturing analog and digital signals at the same time?
  • Frequency refers to how many times a signal oscillates per second and the unit for frequency is Hz. 1 Hz is equal to 1 cycle (or oscillation) per
  • Polynomial, splines, Fourier, moving average, and digital filtering are examples of:
  • EMG is one of the principal methods in biomechanics for examining the actions of skeletal muscle in reflexes and voluntary movements.
  • Which component of skeletal muscle receives electrical current directly from a nerve ending?
  • According to the paper by Deluca (from the Journal of Applied Biomechanics) on the use of surface EMG, which of the following is true regarding EMG signals during prolonged isometric contractions when muscle fatigue is occurring?
  • Which form of EMG amplitude analysis first involves converting the recorded negative voltages into positive voltage?
  • Which type of EMG amplitude analysis would be best for indicating the total average volume of EMG signals at any given time during the recording?
  • Which of the following is true regarding interpreting the recorded EMG frequency?
  • What is the term for a distortion in the EMG signal created when a subject’s body makes an impact on the ground?
  • Which is the most common way to report EMG signals in Exercise Science research?
  • According to the paper by Deluca (from the Journal of Applied Biomechanics) on the use of surface EMG, which of the following electrode placement sites is considered optimal when performing EMG?
  • According to the article by Schoffstall, Titcomb, and Kilbourne, although all of the abdominal muscles contribute to lumbar spine stabilization, what muscles are considered the primary stabilizers?
  • Which of the following is true regarding the normalization of EMG signal?
  • Which of the following has the least influence on coordination during body movement?
  • The term for the simultaneous firing of 2 or more motor units at one time is referred to as:
  • Which electrode type is primarily used for diagnosing nerve and muscle disorders?
  • The loss of complexity hypothesis in dynamical systems states that:
  • Current views on movement variability during repeated tasks support which statement below?
  • The height of the recorded EMG signal is referred to as the
  • According to the review article by Fonda, when an athlete begins to pedal in the forward direction immediately from the top (TDC) of the crank rotation position, which of the EMG signals from fast-twitch muscle fibers are smaller in magnitude when comparing EMG signals from slow-twitch muscle
  • Which of the following refers to the process of removing noise from the recorded data?

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