Buy New GLST 200 Quiz 1 Intro

Buy New GLST 200 Quiz 1 Intro


  1. At the end of the book of Jonah, we see that Jonah finally repents his ethnocentrism.
  2. Hawthorne mentions three great displays by which God made his name known. Which is NOT one of them?
  3. According to John Piper in “Let the Nations Be Glad,” what is the ultimate goal of the church?
  4. According to Verkuyl, God chose Israel with the intention that she would _________ the other nations.
  5. According to Stott, the New Testament writers understood Old Testament prophecies to have a _________ fulfillment.
  6. The Temple was God’s way of signaling that only the people of Israel could encounter and worship the one true God.
  7. According to Hawthorne, how will an emphasis on the glory of God change our practice?
  8. According to Jonathan Lewis, the gospel will reach the nations by passive attraction alone.
  9. God always keeps the promises he makes.
  10. Which of the following is NOT one of the missionary motifs of the Old Testament listed by Verkuyl?
  11. According to John Piper, all of history is moving toward one great goal and that goal is world missions.
  12. Pursuing the glory of God in missions often involves suffering.
  13. Which of the following is NOT a function of the “name of God” in the Old Testament?
  14. According to Hawthorne, what are the two directions in God’s glory flows?
  15. In Genesis 12, what promise did God give?
  16. According to Hawthorne, why was God so concerned about idolatry?
  17. The book of Jonah reveals that Jonah desired Ninevah to repent and turn to the LORD.
  18. The phrase “all the families of the earth” (in Gen 12:3) reveals that the God of the Bible is a missionary God.
  19. The book of Jonah reveals _______ scenes in the life of Jonah.
  20. According to John Piper, the ultimate foundation of our passion to see God glorified is God’s own passion to be glorified.
  21. According to Kaiser, Israel was never responsible for communicating the message of God’s grace to the nations – that only came later with the birth of the Church.
  22. In the Old Testament, God was only concerned with the nation of Israel.
  23. According to Genesis 12, who would God bless?
  24. According to Piper, when a missionary leaves home, family, and possessions to do mission work, his primary motive is…
  25. According to Kaiser, which of the following is true?

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