Buy New HIUS 380 Quiz 8

Buy New HIUS 380 Quiz 8



  1. What did the Global War on Terror become known as after 2009?
  2. The author argues the American military is in the process of fighting a “generational war” where?
  3. The recent social changes to the military have included:
  4. Once again the United States found itself engaged in Somalia in an attempt to control another Al Qaeda offshoot called:
  5. A precise cyber-attack compared in the text to a frontier woodsman with rifle would be:
  6. What areas of the world have the Russians recently been involved in?
  7. What American military units have participated in partnerships with mentor armies in African nations in an attempt to prevent insurgencies?
  8. The increased use of Special Operations within the context of the war in the Greater Middle East increasingly saw the use of what command?
  9. The Chinese government encouraged non-governmental computer smart citizens or ____________ to attack American websites in mass.
  10. seemed to offer a democratic alternative to the backward leadership of the nations in the CENTCOM area as responsibility began to spread.
  11. The Department of Defense now consists of nine unified commands, of these how many are geographic and how many are considered functional?
  12. The first use of cyberspace to inflict physical damage on the Iranian nuclear arms program was:
  13. The MQ-1 unmanned aerial vehicle has become the weapon of choice since 2001:
  14. In 2011 Operation ODYSSEY DAWN used American military power in an attempt to eliminate:
  15. The frontiers / global challenge (s) identified in this chapter include:

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