Buy New HIUS 420 Quiz Midterm 

Buy New HIUS 420 Quiz Midterm



  1. As the expiration date of the one-year enlistments of the Confederate soldiers approached in the late winter and early spring of 1862, the Confederate government responded by
  2. The significance of the Union capture of Fort Donelson was that it
  3. When the 1860 Republican National Convention met in Chicago, Illinois, the result was
  4. McClellan’s grand design for taking Richmond was based on approaching the Confederate capital by
  5. The Battle of Fredericksburg was
  6. McClellan usually believed that his enemy
  7. At the Battle of Antietam
  8. After his troops repulsed Lee’s attack at Mechanicsville, McClellan decided to
  9. Joseph Hooker
  10. The Civil War
  11. During the first year of the Civil War, Lincoln
  12. John Brown’s raid at Harpers Ferry resulted in
  13. During the first year of the war,
  14. The president of the Confederate States of America was
  15. The Confederate victory at Chancellorsville was marred by
  16. During the spring of 1862, Stonewall Jackson waged a brilliant campaign of maneuver in
  17. Sherman’s late 1862 offensive movement down the Mississippi River toward Vicksburg
  18. Lee’s final attempt to achieve victory at Gettysburg was
  19. The South Carolina secession declaration accused the North of
  20. In the 1860 presidential election campaign, the candidate of the Constitutional Union Party was
  21. The Battle of Gettysburg
  22. Confederate cannons fired the first shots of the Civil War around the harbor of
  23. William Seward persuaded Lincoln to delay issuing the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation by arguing that
  24. Upon taking command in Virginia, John Pope ordered that
  25. In response to Lincoln’s election as president in 1860, the first state to secede from the Union was
  26. What did John Brown plan to accomplish in his raid at Harpers Ferry? Did it go as he planned? Explain.

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