Buy New HIWD 370 Reading Quiz 4

Buy New HIWD 370 Reading Quiz 4



  1. The Chinese familial ideal was a
  2. Indian religious groups
  3. Tea emerged as China’s national drink under the Tang.
  4. The Kushan kingdom
  5. The Burmese originally came from, and the Thai came from.
  6. The most famous stretch of the Great Wall of China today was built under which dynasty?
  7. The Chinese concept of history has traditionally been different from that of the West in that the Chinese tended to have a
  8. Zheng He and his fleet sailed as far west as
  9. The Buddhist sect that stressed the role of devotion was
  10. Kalidasa
  11. The Mongols succeeded the Ming as the rulers of China.
  12. The caves of Ajanta
  13. Which statement about religious practice in Southeast Asia is FALSE?
  14. Of the three philosophies competing for attention in medieval China,
  15. The Sui emperor was a(n)
  16. Over the course of the three centuries after the fall of the Han and before the rise of the Sui Dynasty,
  17. Nanak
  18. After their conquest of northern India, Muslim rulers agreed to recognize the traditional use of alcohol among the Hindu population.
  19. During its final decades, the Song rulers were forced to pay tribute to the Jurchen people.
  20. They dominated the banking and the textile industry in India, while they dominated trade and manufacturing.
  21. In the divisions within Buddhism, those who followed the school of Theravada believed in
  22. More than anything, technological advances in societies appear to depend on the
  23. Rice became the staple crop of Southeast Asian cultures because of its drought-resistant qualities.
  24. In rural India,
  25. Did rice become the main food crop in China during which dynasty?
  26. Which Mongol conquest was most successful?
  27. Traditional religious beliefs in Southeast Asia emphasized that spirits lived in the mountains, rivers, and streams.
  28. Zhu Xi was a leading figure in the School of Mind.
  29. The Mongol khan from Samarkand who attacked the Islamic state of the Tughluq Dynasty was
  30. Aristocratic Hindu clans, known as Rajputs, led the resistance to the advances of Islam in India by Mahmud of Ghazni and other Muslims.

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