Buy New HIWD 376 Quiz 1-2-3

Buy New HIWD 376 Quiz 1-2-3



HIWD 376 Quiz 1: Ancient Israel

  1. The ability to use deception or __________ in battle maximized the effect of movement and efforts probably resulted from an awareness of the environment developed as early as the battle of Ai.
  2. A vital resource in the Greater Middle East and as far back as bible times that figured highly into the location of fortresses as well as vital roads and towns would be:
  3. The use of spies in Jericho or when Joshua sent spies across the Jordan to “see over the hill” best describes the excellence in __________ an aspect of the Israeli military held in high regard today.
  4. The primary type of soldier produced in ancient Israel consisted of __________ utilizing _________ movements:
  5. The ability to transform ordinary civilians into dedicated soldiers represents the military process of ____________ and is arguably an Israeli Way of War.
  6. The textbook suggests the ancient Israelite war machines or artillery ordnance possibly referred to in 2 Chr. 26:15 would suggest or indicate the use of artillery weapons centuries before any provable use of war machines in the ancient world:
  7. Besides the use of ruses, deception, and surprise, the tactics of the Jews combined their study and understanding of terrain features through the effective use of ___________ and flanking.
  8. The importance of Israel’s location is:
  9. or the building of artificial barriers and walled structures further reflected the ability of the Ancient Israelites to organize key locations in their mastery of space and time in military operations.
  10. The lack of strategic depth probably forced the Israelites to:

HIWD 376 Quiz 2: Alexander the Great

  1. After Gaugamela, Alexander took the Persian capital at Persepolis and proclaimed himself King of Kings and Lord of Asia.
  2. Who was Jesus?
  3. Alexander’s invasion of the Persian Empire was officially undertaken as a war of revenge for the Persian invasions of Greece in 490 and 480 BC.
  4. Constantly lightning guerrillas and insurgents and employing terror tactics had which of the following effects on Alexander’s army?
  5. When Alexander sought to build a new city on the northern frontier of Sogdiana as part of a fortified barrier against the Scythians, how did the local population react?
  6. Historians are not entirely sure when Alexander decided to conquer the entire Persian Empire.
  7. Because guerrilla campaign against the Macedonians was unsuccessful, but he escaped to fight another day.
  8. In his campaign to conquer the Persian Empire, Alexander refrained from employing terror tactics.
  9. Which of the following is true about the battle of Gaugamela?
  10. Alexander’s strategy for defeating the Persians consisted of all of the following elements EXCEPT:

HIWD 376 Quiz 3: The Romans

  1. When Octavius Caesar became the first emperor as Augustus, he dealt with the Parthia threat by creating a security system on the eastern frontier of directly-ruled provinces and satellite states under the governor of Syria, who reported to the emperor.
  2. The causes of Emperor Trajan’s campaign to conquer Parthia once and for all included:
  3. The long-term result of Carrhae and the follow-up campaign was a “frontier stand-off” between the two empires.
  4. When he entered northern Mesopotamia at the head of seven legions, Trajan had support from some Parthians, including a prince of the royal family.
  5. Which territory below was the borderland between Rome and Parthia, over which the two empires tried to install their own puppet rulers?
  6. In 53 BC, the first major battle between Rome and Parthia occurred at Carrhae, resulting in the Roman general Crassus annihilating the Parthian forces.
  7. Which of the following events sparked the outbreak of a massive insurgency against the Romans?
  8. The legacy of Trajan’s attempt to conquer Parthia included:
  9. The Romans had great difficulties coming to grips with the Parthians because of their tactics of raiding and ambush and because there was no strategic “center of gravity” they could take and hold.
  10. The Romans first came into contact with the Parthians during which conflict?

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