Buy New HLTH 503 Quiz 3

Buy New HLTH 503 Quiz 3



HLTH 503 Quiz: Data Sources

  1. Morbidity surveys of the general population:
  2. True or False? A registry is a centralized database of information about a disease.
  3. Choose the correct answer. Clinical data sources include:
  4. Before utilizing data for an epidemiologic study, the researcher must first consider the:
  5. Which of the following data sources is most likely to provide a representative sample of the general health status of a population?
  6. Information about the cause of death listed on a death certificate may be unreliable because:
  7. What is one of the widely used sources of statistical data on cancer?
  8. The Vital Statistics Registration System in the U.S. collects data on all vital events including:
  9. Cautious use of information from death certificates is warranted because:
  10. The best routinely available sources of data regarding the incidence of respiratory disease outbreaks and other rapidly spreading conditions are:
  11. True or False? The National Health Survey consists of several distinct programs conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics.
  12. What data source has the advantage of being almost nearly complete in the U.S.?
  13. True or False? Health insurance statistics provide a generally representative picture of the health status of the United States population.
  14. Choose the correct answer. Data on morbidity in the U.S. armed forces include:
  15. Ecologic studies:
  16. True or False? A cross-sectional study allows the demonstration of a time sequence between exposure and disease.
  17. True or False? Controls are needed in a case-control study to evaluate whether the frequency of a factor or past exposure among the cases is different from that among comparable persons who do not have the disease under investigation.
  18. A large medical center’s oncology program reported an increased number of cases of pancreatic cancer during a certain month. The hospital’s epidemiologist decided to research the problem. Tumor registry records were searched to identify all cases of pancreatic cancer during a five-year period; cancer patients were matched with patients treated for other diseases during the same five-year period. All subjects in the study were questioned about lifestyle factors including alcohol, tea, and coffee consumption. The resulting data are as follows:
  19. In case-control studies, the odds ratio is used as an estimate of the relative risk. In order for this approximation to be reasonable, some conditions must be met. Which of the following conditions is not necessary in order to use the odds ratio to estimate the relative risk?
  20. Examples of descriptive epidemiologic studies do not usually include:
  21. True or False? A case-control study is purely a descriptive (as opposed to analytic) study design
  22. Examples of exposure data in ecological studies include:
  23. True or False? An ecologic study is one that examines a group as a unit of analysis.
  24. True or False? An ecologic comparison study is sometimes called a cross-sectional ecologic study.
  25. Case-control studies are among the best observational designs to study diseases of:

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