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Buy New HSCO 508 Quiz Final



Modules 5-8: Weeks 5-8

  1. Empathy is defined as understanding a client and
  2. Closed posture and little eye contact are indications of
  3. Wording client goals or targets in continuous terms is recommended because
  4. The motivational interviewing approach is based on the following principles, except
  5. When a client feels supported to explore options and to make his/her own decisions regarding changes, he/she is experiencing
  6. According to Petersen, absolutist positions on a topic often stem from anxiety that has turned desire into rigidity.
  7. According to Petersen, older people tend to repeat stories because
  8. When arranging the physical setting for a client appointment, the following should be considered, except
  9. Which of the following is the correct sequence of the respective outcomes of primary, secondary, and tertiary motivation?
  10. Petersen defined ____________ as listening to another person’s experience and understanding him or her.
  11. Which of the following is not an important component of a good reflection according to France and Weikel?
  12. Petersen maintains that tears are always rooted in deep hurt.
  13. Collaborating with clients to set mutually agreed-upon goals or targets is recommended. These are recommended characteristics of targets, except
  14. According to Petersen, ____________ is/are proportional to the gap between what was expected and what happened.
  15. _____________ damages the listening process by wrongfully assuming responsibility.
  16. Offering an analysis of a client’s situation is usually unhelpful because it
  17. seeks to communicate concern about the other’s difficulties, whereas _______ seeks to calm the other down by making an assertion.
  18. Problem-solving interactions with clients should result in a plan that has the following characteristics, except
  19. The best way to convey empathic understanding, according to France and Weikel, is by
  20. Initiating interaction with a client with the question “How can I help you?” is problematic, because
  21. Petersen emphasized that the process of the Talker-Listener Card is only suitable for one-on-one conversations.
  22. Who of the following tends to maintain the most eye contact in a conversation?
  23. The grief process takes at least ____________, but our culture allows people to grieve only for about _____________, according to Petersen.
  24. These may be indicators of using too much authority with a client, except:
  25. _____________ shifts listening to talking, according to Petersen.
  26. Which of the following is not associated with self-efficacy according to France and Weikel?
  27. “Why” questions are problematic because they imply an accusation that evokes a defensive response.
  28. Petersen recommends the following techniques for constructively moving a conversation forward,:
  29. To avoid causing a client to feel interrogated, what type of questions are recommended?
  30. Petersen suggests that measuring the weight of _________ and _________ can aid decision making.
  31. A belief in one’s ability to successfully execute the desired behavior is
  32. According to France and Weikel, demonstrating warmth to a client includes the following, except
33.  What type of reflection should generally be avoided, according to France and Weikel?
  1. France and Weikel recommend that problem-solving and goal-setting with a client begins with the question, “How would you like things to be different?” at a point when the client expresses wanting ________ and experiencing
  2. The Worst-Case Conditions technique is useful for helping another person move past a fear barrier.
  3. According to France and Weikel, incomplete sentences and repetitive body movements suggest
  4. When a client asks the counselor a personal question, France and Weikel recommend
  5. Which of the following is not a necessary requirement for choosing which of the client’s issues or problems to address?
  6. Petersen termed dilemmas with potentially mixed positive and negative outcomes
  7. Petersen defined ____________ as being congruent and saying what one means.
  8. Transformational leadership is recommended for helping relationships. Which of the following is not an aspect of transformational leadership?
  9. Petersen recommends directness and acceptance when talking to a suicidal person.
  10. occurs when waiting for and preparing for a chance to talk instead of listening, according to Petersen.
  11. Closing is important, according to Petersen, because it
  12. Responding “I understand” is recommended, because it helps the other person open up and share more deeply.
  13. According to France and Weikel, a client who has successfully implemented a human services worker’s advice with a positive outcome has enhanced his/her
  14. _____________ disguises an accusatory statement as a question.
  15. Petersen recommends that listeners adapt to the talkers’ pace.
  16. These approaches demonstrate understanding to a client in a natural and effective way, except
  17. Which of the following is not true about nonverbal communication according to France and Weikel?

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