Buy New Liberty CRIS 606 Midterm

Buy New Liberty CRIS 606 Midterm


Set 1

  1. Cognitive restructuring is a tool to let clients know that they have choices in situations and behaviors.
  2. In Latino culture, ‘machismo’ does not justify spousal abuse.
  3. A typical reaction to a crisis event is an increase in anxiety.
  4. How does FOMO begin?
  5. By the time an individual reaches maturity, they have worked through all of the issues that might trigger a crisis.
  6. The use of virtual therapy might encounter ethical issues because of
  7. Teenage girls from this cultural group have the highest rate of attempted suicide.
  8. Growth and optimism are ideas central to what theory?
  9. The “Black Lives Matter” movement
  10. Crisis workers are not expected to be knowledgeable about the laws affecting their clients in crisis.
  11. The leading cause of death among children 1-4 years of age in the United States is _________.
  12. Among older adults, suicidal behavior is mainly associated with _________.
  13. In 2014 in the U.S., the leading cause of death for young adults ages 25-34 was _________.
  14. Children who have survived a life-threatening illness often have to deal with issues of _________.
  15. The critical feature(s) of pediatric palliative and hospice care is/are _________.
  16. According to Moos and Schaefer’s analysis of coping domains, cognitive avoidance or denial is an example of:
  17. “Spiritual” tasks _________.
  18. Given strong narcotics regularly and in sufficient amounts, dying persons with severe pain will likely experience _________.
  19. The task-based model examined in Chapter 6 focuses on four areas of task work; these are:
  20. When you are visiting a dying person and he or she starts talking about dying, how should you best respond?
  21. The Mental Status Exam assesses a person’s state of mind under which of the following domains?
  22. An individual who is at risk of harming others may
  23. The most common methods of nonsuicidal self-injury do not include
  24. Reframing can be an effective tool to help low- and middle-risk suicidal teenage clients.
  25. A low-risk suicidal client might respond best to

Set 2

  1. The “Black Lives Matter” movement
  2. Because crisis worker is not psychiatrist, it is not important for them to be familiar with the conditions listed in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
  3. With Asian American clients, reframing solutions as strengthening the family unit rather than focusing on the individual can be a particularly effective strategy.
  4. What is the purpose of basic attending skills?
  5. It is unrealistic for young adults to think that their parents know everything and do not have any problems themselves.
  6. One argument in support of virtual or e-therapy is that it allows people to be served who otherwise would not seek counseling because of fears of being stigmatized.
  7. When a client is presented with choices and is encouraged to master their feelings, the counselor is providing a/an
  8. The cognitive key refers to
  9. Going to bed, smoking pot, and avoiding friends are coping strategies.
  10. At the end of a crisis intervention interview, the counselor should
  11. Which of the following is correct?
  12. The leading cause of death among infants from 1 month to 1 year of age in the United States is:
  13. In general, it can be said adulthood that is:
  14. Older adults can be helped to find resolutions for old conflicts and achieve a sense of meaning in their lives by _________.
  15. In 2014, the highest death rates among adolescents in the U.S. occurred among:
  16. Active listening techniques depend on the following:
  17. By focusing on coping skills and grouping them into three separate categories, Moos and Schaefer emphasized that _________.
  18. In 2014, it is estimated that U.S. hospice programs cared for approximately:
  19. When strong narcotics are used in the management of severe pain in dying persons, the least concern will be given to:
  20. In 2014, it is estimated that how many Americans died while receiving hospice care?
  21. The Mental Status Exam assesses a person’s state of mind under which of the following domains?
  22. An individual who is at risk of harming others may
  23. A low-risk suicidal client might respond best to
  24. The possibility that a person thinking about suicide will kill himself or herself is quite low.
  25. The rate of nonsuicidal self-injury is higher amongst adolescents than in the general population.

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