Buy New Liberty University BIBL 425 Quiz 3 

Buy New Liberty University BIBL 425 Quiz 3


Quiz: Sanctification and Condition of Israel

  1. The “law of sin and death” (8:2) most likely refers to the Mosaic law as
  2. What are the results of the confession and the believing that Paul details in 10:9- 10?
  3. What does the quote from Exodus 33:19 in 9:15 reveal about God’s character?
  4. What is the referent of the “wild olive shoot” in 11:17-21?
  5. The stone imagery in 9:33, drawn from Isaiah 8:14 and 28:16, depicts  .
  6. Who is Paul speaking of in 11:1-2a?
  7. Moo concludes that the statement: “All Israel will be saved” in 11:26a means that “Paul predicts the salvation of a significant number of Jews at the time of Christ’s return in ”
  8. The Old Testament has no value for Christians
  9. In relation to the climax of Romans 8 (verses 31-39), believers have two reasons to celebrate their security in These are (1) the work of God for us in Christ (8:31-34); and (2) the love of God for us in Christ (8:35-39).
  10. The vital point of the potter/clay analogy in 9:19-23 is that God is sovereign and has the right to fashion from the clay the kinds of vessels he
  11. What conclusion does Paul draw in 11:2b-5?
  12. “God’s law” (7:22) refers to the Mosaic
  13. The Bi-covenantal view of the salvation of Jews and Gentiles is that there are two ways of
  14. The opening phrase of 8:1 recollects Paul’s argument in 5:12-21 where he demonstrates how those who are in union with Christ escape the condemnation that came as a result of Adam’s
  15. The central claim of 7:13-25 is that the law has the ability to free us from spiritual
  16. What is the referent of the “natural branches” in 11:17-21?
  17. Within Paul’s “two-regime” theological framework (8:9-11), the two main powers are flesh (belonging to the old regime) and Spirit (belonging to the new regime).
  18. Paul draws the inference in 7:4 that believers have died in relation to the law, and this death frees them from the law, enabling them to enter into a new
  19. Romans 6 and 7 offer somewhat parallel arguments about what two key powers of the old regime?
  20. What rescue does Paul anticipate in 7:24?
  21. “God’s righteousness” (10:3) refers to “the act by which god declares sinful people to be just in his ”
  22. What have the Jews misunderstood according to 10:3-4?
  23. According to 8:3, God sent his Son to become a sinful man in order to be a sin-
  24. Assess the meaning of the phrase “all Israel” in Rom 11:26a. What are the three major interpretations of “all Israel”? Briefly discuss which of the three major interpretations of this phrase best fit the context of Romans 9–11 (100–150 words).

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